Zeke's Choice is a British-Kuboian traditionally animated drama film produced by Traditoon in partnership with Golden Eye Productions. Distributed by United International Pictures, the film was released to Kuboian cinemas on 5th October, 2007. The film was released worldwide throughout late 2007, although the film was notably not released in the United States or Canada until 2010.

The film stars Nick Karaoke Stars Series 2 winner Zeke Cranberry voicing a fictional version of himself. The film itself actually has three different plot elements all involving Zeke. The film received positive reviews from critics.



  • Zeke Cranberry as Zeke, a 13 year-old boy, who gets bullied due to his effeminacy.
  • TBA as Billie, Zeke's twin sister.
  • Iroune Ruby as Whitney, an English bully at Zeke's school.
  • TBA as Valentina, Whitney's younger sister, who follows under her sister's steps until she has a change of heart.
  • Taniye Fazio as Oriana, Whitney's sister, who is extremely easy to manipulate.
  • TBA as Vato, a homeless man who Zeke bonds with over the course of the film.
  • TBA as Leian, a 20 year-old spoilt, rich woman, who has a terrible attitude.
  • TBA as Lace, Leian's lawyer and assistant.
  • Academy as TBA
  • NightMare as TBA


Development on Zeke's Choice began in December 2004. After winning the second series of Nick Karaoke Stars, Zeke revealed that he had been sponsored to be the main star of an upcoming release. Although it was originally going to be a 60-minute television film, scheduled to premiere on Nick Go! by Christmas 2006, Ericka Streets and DJ Kubin agreed to both pay million of euros in order for the film to receive a theatrical release worldwide.

Age rating

Zeke's Choice received a 11+ rating by the Kuboia Screen Clan for "Moderate sexual references, moderate language and moderate violence."

In the United Kingdom, the film received a 12 rating by the BBFC. In Internet, the film received a SM rating, whilst in the United States, the film received a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.



The film's official soundtrack, titled Zeke's Choice: Music for the Movie, was released on 2nd September, 2007.


  1. "Zeke (Who Is He?)" by Zeke
  2. "Because We Want To" by Billie Piper
  3. "Perfect Timing" by Tinchy Stryder
  4. "Daddy DJ" by Daddy DJ
  5. "Get Get Goin'" by Iroune Ruby, Raddy Goodberry and Kool Teazer
  6. "Say It Right" by Nelly Furtado
  7. "Make My Move" by TBA
  8. "Dark Woods" by MX3
  9. "Feel Free" by TBA
  10. "Believe Me" by Fort Minor

Home release

Zeke's Choice was released on DVD throughout Europe on 23rd June, 2008.