Youkai (妖怪 Yōkai?, lit. Apparition, Ghost, or Spirit) (pronounced yoh-kai) is one of the two races within The Drillimation Series. It is basically the term for those who have a completely spiritual heritage if they have no humanoids within their family trees, which is rare. The only way to retain the status is to marry another youkai-born humanoid, which is difficult to find because the number of families claiming to be youkai-born is declining.

Youkai borns have the ability to transfigure into other animals but not non-animate objects.

Notable youkai-bornsEdit

Family Status Known members
Meiling Extent Hong Meiling
Ochiai Near extinction Kagami Ochiai, Yumi Ochiai, Hideo Ochiai, Kisumi Ochiai (neé Torisawa)
Takara Near extinction Miyuki Takara, Yukari Takara (neé unknown)
Yakumo Extent Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo

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