For the historical era from 1936 and lasted in 1999, see Toralaq Republic.


Yinyangia (Chinese: 尹洋亞 Yǐn yáng yǎ) (Japanese: 陰陽ア Onmyōa), officially known as the State of Yinyangia, is a country in North America, located east to Alaska, west to Russia and south to Minecraftia.

History Edit

Economy Edit

Territory Edit

YinYangia has 7 states, Amrekshakir, New Kasukabe, Xiang, Utanga, Raismang, Xangju and Wangxing. All states speak English and Chinese but New Kasukabe speaks Japanese and Utanga speaks Filipino. The total of cities is 195.

Culture Edit

Media Edit

The state-owned TV stations are YYInc TV1, YYInc TV2, YYInc TV3, YYBN (YinYangBroadcast Network), XCT One, XCT Two, XCT Three etc. The state-owned radio networks are YYInc Radio 1 107.1 and YYInc Radio 2 98.9. Film companies are DreamMelody Pictures, World Globe Movies, National Films, Yin Yang Pictures, etc. TV Providers are YangTel, RainStar, AT&T PayTV etc

Population Edit

The population of the country has 66.3 million people.

Climate Edit

People/Trends Edit

Events Edit

Politics Edit

Schools Edit

  • The school week is from Monday to Thursday.
  • YinYangia Public High School, located in Jadana Town in Malodin, is the tallest school in the fictional world because it has 104 floors.
  • The school time is 8:40am-2:20pm while the average is 8:30am-2:35pm.
  • YinYangia has 32 schools around the cities.

Sports Edit

The national and the most played sport on YinYangia is Cricket.

Incidents Edit

Technology Edit

  • YinYangia's cars drives on the right, similar to United States of America and Europe apart from United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus
  • YinYangia's standard plug socket is Type I, similar to Australia, New Zealand, Mahri, Sentan, Vicnora, North El Kadsre, Argentina and Papua New Guinea.
  • YinYangia uses NTSC display format for TVs, Movies, Video Games and Computers. Like US, Philippines, Canada, South Korea etc. While a YinYangian station signs off, the testcard is the SMPTE Color Bars.
  • YinYangia has six country-owned car companies, Nexus, Power, Speedsport, Zoom, Wideroads and GO!
  • YinYangia has its own operating system called "Lygo OS", founded in 1972 and it is the first country to have a computer since 1972. The first operating system was called Lygo OS 1.4, which was discontinued in 1977
  • YinYangia's mobile phone company is "Primephone". The current CEO is Carlos Andre "Andy" Lagos.
  • YinYangia is the first fictional country to have more than 10 channels. YinYangia reached 10 channels on 1968.

Crime Edit

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