Yinyangia (Chinese: 尹洋亞 Yǐn yáng yǎ) (Japanese: 陰陽ア Onmyōa), officially known as 'Fictional State of Yinyangia' is a country in North America, located east to Alaska, west to Russia and south to Minecraftia

History Edit

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Media Edit

The state-owned TV stations are YYInc TV1, YYInc TV2, YYInc 3 and YYBN (YinYangBroadcast Network). The state-owned radio networks are YYInc Radio 1 107.1 and YYInc Radio 2 98.9. Film companies are DreamMelody Pictures, World Globe Movies, National Films, Yin Yang Pictures, etc. TV Providers are YangTel, RainStar, AT&T PayTV etc

Population Edit

The population of the country has 66.3 million people.

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Schools Edit

  • The school week is from Monday to Friday.
  • YinYangia Public High School, located in Jadana Town in Malodin, is the tallest school in the fictional world because it has 104 floors
  • The school time is 8:40am-2:20pm while the average is 8:30am-2:35pm
  • YinYangia has 32 schools around the cities!

Sports Edit

The national and the most played sport on YinYangia is Cricket.

Incidents Edit

Technology Edit

  • YinYangia's cars drives on the right, similar to United States of America and Europe apart from United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus
  • YinYangia's standard plug socket is Type I, similar to Australia, New Zealand, Mahri, Sentan, Vicnora, North El Kadsre, Argentina and Papua New Guinea.
  • YinYangia has six country-owned car companies, Nexus, Power, Speedsport, Zoom, Wideroads and GO!
  • YinYangia has a own operating system called "Lygo", founded in 1972 and it is the first country to have a computer since 1972. The first operating system was called LygoC1, which was discontinued in 1977
  • YinYangia's mobile phone company is "Primephone", owned by Carlos Andre "Andy" Lagos.
  • YinYangia is the first fictional country to have more than 100 channels.

Crime Edit

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