Welcome to the Neighborhood is a 2003 El Kadsreian-American comedy film directed by Al Vkaza, starring Kevin Vedaer, Annie Zykung, Bob Voyce, Elizabeth Vkuma, and Carrie Vduna. The film was released on October 24, 2003. It was produced by BearsBears Films and Golden Brass Films and it was distributed by VIVA Films under a runtime of 122 minutes.


The story is about four people who watched a neighbors edition of The Price is Right when watching on WCBS 2 New York and shown in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, Rod Roddy calls out to be "the first four contestants on this special neighbors edition of The Price is Right". However, Rod introduced Bob Barker as "And now, let's meet the star, Bob Barker!". However, neighbors saw six pricing games on TV. As the show ends, Rod signs off with "This is Rod Roddy speaking for this special neighbors edition of the Price is Right, a Mark Goodson Television Production!". However, 30 minutes later he used to watch The Young and the Restless on TV.


Filming for Welcome to the Neighborhood began on October 11, 2002, in Caelum, El Kadsre. The special neighbor's edition of The Price is Right was filmed at CBS Television City (Studio 33, Bob Barker Studio) in Hollywood, California. Filming ended on January 23, 2003.


The movie is a financial failure for Golden Brass Films, plus the failure could lead to the death of Rod Roddy, making $15,000,000 dollars on a $50 million budget.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Welcome to the Neighborhood received a score of 0% from critics with 28 rotten reviews and no fresh reviews, making it is the worst El Kadsreian movie ever.

On Metacritic, Welcome to the Neighborhood received a 6/100 based on 20 reviews.