• Narrator: Previously on the Chuhou Project, Driller and Ryuta were ready to begin their career at Minecraftia High School. And now, in this episode of the Chuhou Project, it starts right now!

Act OneEdit

  • (The episode opens up with a sunrise. The camera pans across Driller's home, with his alarm clock waking him up. Driller slaps the clock and gets up.)
  • Driller: Ah, another day is about to begin!
  • (Driller goes to the dining room to eat his breakfast.)
  • Miyuki: Hey Susumu! Are you ready for your career at Minecraftia High School?
  • Driller: I sure am. I'm probably going to love this.
  • (Hiroki comes into the dining room.)
  • Hiroki: Oh my, Susumu's coming into Minecraftia High School!
  • Driller: Bro, you don't have to be so sarcastic.
  • Hiroki: If you aren't so nerdy, then be prepared to be crushed if you frame me for breaking a school rule.
  • Miyuki: Susumu, Hiroki doesn't usually break rules but will get you into trouble if you continue your antics.

  • (After Driller gets off the bus, Ryuta appears and greets Driller.)
  • Ryuta: Hey Driller!
  • Driller: Hey Ryuta. You ready for this? Do you have enough Driller Engine-powered materials to crush this school year?
  • Ryuta: I think so, let's get inside our classrooms.
  • (The tardy bell rings, with Driller going to his homeroom.)
  • Tenmetsu: Students, that was the first bell, so please report to your homerooms! Thank you!
  • Driller: Oh, gotta go.
  • Ryuta: It was nice meeting you, so may we meet again at the Start-of-Year Ceremony!
  • (After the second bell rings, the main announcements begin.)
  • Tenmetsu: Welcome back Minecraftia High School! It is April 5, 2004. Second-year students and above must report to the gymnasium. First-years must stay in their homerooms until they are called in.
  • Driller: Oh wow, why not us?
  • Teacher: Relax, you are going to have something cool happen to you soon. Just wait and see!

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