The Vlokozu Union media crash of 1982 (known as the Tentaclemania, Tentaclemania of 1982, Crash of '82 and Vlokozuian media shock) was a massive recession in the Vlokozu Union's media industry that occurred from 1982 to 1983. Revenues had peaked at around $5.7 billion in December 1981, then fell to around $242 million by the start of 1984, The crash has lost 12% of the Vlokozu Union's GDP.

The crash is likely caused by the widespread popularity of Jamie's got Tentacles! book series. The crash almost destroyed the then-booming industry and led to the cancellation of many TV shows (Including Galidor, Family Feud), the discontinuation of toy lines such as Jitterbug and the bankruptcy of several companies that produce video games, films, television shows, books, and software.

The crash lasted from January 1982 to June 1983. Analysts of the time expressed doubts about the long-term viability of Xoshi, Bionicle, and few other franchises. The Vlokozu Union's media industry recovered in 1984, likely because of the success of Bionicle, Patry, Nitrome Enjoyment System and TS-OS 6. The success of arcade and console games based on The Drillimation Series helped the industry fully recover.

The crash had several causes, including the saturation of the market. The full effects of the industry crash would not be felt until 1984.

However, the crash later resulted in the Vlokozu Union stock market crash of the same year and the 13-year-long Nova Depression a year later, in which severely impacted the Nova Orbis community.

In 2012, 30 years after the crash, the documentary about the crash was released by El TV Kadsre, under the name, Crash of '82.

Causes and factors

The Vlokozu Union media crash was caused by a combination of factors.

The widespread popularity of Jamie's got Tentacles!

The popularity of Jamie's got Tentacles! book series led to series of deaths, crashes, etc.

Vlokozuian home computer wars

Vlokozuian game console wars

Market share of television networks

RTV, RGN, and Viva suffered lost TV ratings due to industry crash. Also, the CPN lost ratings, but it recovered following 1985 re-programming and rebrand.

The Maori and Vicnoran language controversy

Fallout effects

Immediate effects

Long-term effects

The Vlokozu Union media crash had three long-lasting results.