The Vlokozu Union (Japanese: ヴロコツ連盟 Vurokotsu Renmei?, Vicnoran: VLOKOZUUNIONVICNORAN Eizecivokzica) (pronounced flock-o-sue u-ni-un), also known as the Union of Vlokozuian States (UVS) and the United States of Vlokozu (USV) was a state located in the North American continent that existed from 1969 to 1989.

The country was an federal semi-presidential republic ruled by the Labor Party of the Vlokozu Union with El Kadsre City as its capital in its largest province, the Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre.



The 5 states were occupied by Australian-born El Kadsreian politician Michael Vlokozu on November 11, 1969.

On September 23, 1977, the Vlokozu Union took over Vicnoran Kingdom's land.

Administrative divisions Edit

The States of the Vlokozu Union (1977-1989)
Flag State Capital Map of the Vlokozu Union Notes
1 Flag of Vlokozuian El Kadsre State (1986-1989) and Flag of El Kadsre (1989) Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre El Kadsre City Vlokozu union states
2 Flag of Vlokozuian Sentan State (1986-1989) and Flag of Sentan (1989) Vlokozuian State of Sentan Fusa
3 Flag of Vlokozuian Mahri State (1986-1989) and Flag of Mahri (1989) Vlokozuian State of Mahri Abeta
4 Flag of Vlokozuian North El Kadsre State (1982-1989) and Flag of North El Kadsre (1989-1990) Northern Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre Makohiro Technically a sub-state of the Vlokouzian State of El Kadsre.
5 Flag of Vlokozuian Vicnora State (1986-1989) and Flag of Vicnora (1989-1990) Vlokozuian State of Vicnora Tugaganda Internationally recognized as an illegal occupation of the Vicnoran Kingdom's land.