In 1903, when the Minecraftia Automobile Licensing Act was passed, the government of Minecraftia wanted their residents to register their motor vehicles and display license plates on it.

Plate informationEdit

Province Required on Serial Format Design Additional text
Minecraftia Both sides AAA-0000 or AAAA-000 Green on top with province name, white area in the middle for serial number, and light brown for province slogan on bottom Our capital province
Gatashima Both sides AAA-0000 Orange background for serial number, gray area for province name on top Minecraftia's Water Resort Playground
New Saitama Both sides AAA-0000 Forest background with serial number in the center and province name on top Birthplace of our Queen
Hari Back only AA00A0 Plain white background with black text Crossroads of Minecraftia
Toppurando Both sides A00-0000 or AA0-0000 Lavender blue background with red text The Holy Land of Anime
Kuripokyo Both sides AAA-0000 Pure white background with navy blue text in Times New Roman Love is our power
West Jara Back only AAA-0000 Sky blue background with embroidered drone separator First in Drones
East Jara Back only AAA-000 Sunset background with black text Eastern Sunset, Oriental Night
Kyoushin Both sides AA0-00A Plain grayish-white background with yellow text The Electricity Province
Metsuru Back only AAA-000 Sky blue banner with dark blue text Explore the forest of Tohno
North Horudika Both sides 000-AAA or AAA-000 Blue background with featuring the Lucky Star Kingdom Discover our Kingdom
South Horudika Both sides 0AA-000 Sky blue background with King Susumu's shadow Province of Politics and Royalty