"Did you know that Dig Dug, Ace Combat, and The Drillimation Series all share the same timeline? Yep. They all cross over in this organization."
- Official description

The United Galaxy Space Force (銀河連邦宇宙軍 Ginga Renpō Uchū-gun?), often abbreviated as UGSF, is a fictional organization featured in a variety of Namco games, as well as many Drillimation games. First appearing in the 1979 game Galaxian, the UGSF did not make their debut in the Drillimation world until Dig Dug in 1982.


In the anime

Lucky Star

The UGSF made its debut in Lucky Star. During the second season of Lucky Star, Patricia Martin made her debut as a transfer student from North America. When Konata questions Patricia on how she got here, she said she moved with her parents. It wasn't until the English dub of the anime, where she was drafted into the UGSF that caused the transfer, as the UGSF did not really exist until the release of Galaxian 3, where they made their real debut.

Chuhou Project

The UGSF has been mentioned many times throughout the Chuhou Project anime. There were two characters that were drafted into the UGSF: Megumi Wakui withdrew from Minecraftia High School at the end of her second year as a result of being drafted, and one Team Shinku grunt withdrew as a result of the same thing.

In the games

In almost every game by Drillimation, one of the UGSF's members was involved in a case.