A troll-graded mini essay.

"Hey Driller. Somebody told me they got 6.7% on their Potions II test and got the classification of Troll. Even though it was a difficult exam, it was quite an achievement for him to score that low. He was probably too busy watching anime like you. In that case, he is an absolute troll."
- Kagami Ochiai, to Driller

Troll (トロル Tororu?) is one of the three failing grades in Minecraftian education, out of the six available grades with this one being the worst. These are commonly given to students who score 20% or lower on a test. Very few characters received a troll grade on an exam; some people like Kagami Ochiai did not know that grade actually existed.

If a student receives a troll grade besides Dreadful and Poor, it means they have failed that subject and cannot continue to honors level.

Known recepientsEdit

Kagami mentioned one person getting a troll grade on a Potions test, but doesn't know their name. Another student mentioned to Driller about getting a 9% on their History of Minecraftia test.


  • The grade itself comes from the fact that trolls are people who like to annoy others, and in the fact that they are dim-witted.

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