Treet TV2 is the public commercial-free television channel in Mahri. It is the second television channel of Treet TV, the Mahri public broadcasting corporation. Commonly referred as the "Second", and for a time rebranded as "Two", this historically state-run television channel started broadcasting on May 26, 1965. It serves as an alternative to Treet TV's main channel, Treet TV1 and 2k.

Like BBC 2, Treet TV2 aims at less mainstream and more intellectual content. Treet TV2 is the one of the several Mahri and El Kadsreian national/international channels that has a strict cultural and educational programming (comparable to Arte France & Germany). Treet TV2 is the only commercial-free Mahrian television channel. Like its sister channels, Treet TV1 and 2k, it became a 24-hour service in 2016.


The channel was started four months after TV1 was launched.


Current programming Edit

Original programming Edit

  • UCook (2012-present)
  • Without The Jury (2016-present)
  • 21 Guns (2008-present)
  • Blood on The Carpet (2017-present)

Drama Edit

  • Broadchurch (United Kingdom) [2014-present]
  • Travelers (Canada) [2016-present]
  • The OA (United States) [2016-present]
  • April Drive (North El Kadsre) [2013-present]
  • The Crown (United Kingdom) [2016-present]
  • Trapped (Sentan) [2015-present]
  • Mr vs. Miss (El Kadsre) [2017-present]
  • The Missing (United Kingdom) [2015-present]
  • Shooter (United States) [2016-present]
  • Mr. Gentleman (YinYangia) [2012-present]
  • Coronation Street (United Kingdom) [1965-present]

Comedy Edit

  • Modern Family (United States) [2010-present]

Cartoons Edit

  • Pacific Heat (Australia) [2017-present]
  • South Park (United States) [1998-present]
  • Robot Chicken (United States) [2006-present]

Children's programming (branded as Gethers) Edit

  • Magic Box (El Kadsre) [1996-present]
  • Parent Time (Sentan) [2006-present]
  • Fishtronaut (Brazil) [2013-present] [Re-aired episodes]
  • The Go Show (Sentan) [2005-present]
  • Science Zone [2015-present]
  • Patty's World (North El Kadsre) [2010-present]
  • Tiki Tour (New Zealand) [2012-present] [Re-aired episodes]
  • Octonauts (United Kingdom) [2011-present] [Re-aired episodes]
  • Connie the Cow (United States) [2005-present] [Re-aired episodes]

Arts & Culture Edit

  • Cultural Agenda (United El Kadsreian Nations) [2016-present]
  • The South Bank Show (United Kingdom) [1978-present]
  • Classic Albums (El Kadsre) [2012-present]
  • Sunday Theatre [1991-present]

Others Edit

  • Great El Kadsreian Railways Journeys (El Kadsre) [2010-present]
  • Living Now (1990-present)
  • MIT2LRN (1993-present)



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