Did you know - the HotShots Party series is actually a video game adaptation of the popular board game HotShots by Latikuu. While the game's director, Koizumi Sakamoto, loved watching his children play HotShots, he came up with a bright idea while at a carnival, and despite the minigames within carnivals and the ones provided in HotShots, Sakamoto decided to do a video game adaptation of the game. Sakamoto was also a big fan of The Drillimation Series at the time and decided to feature Drillimation characters as playable characters. Sakamoto pitched the idea to Seymour Games and they loved the concept. Surprisingly, several other companies in El Kadsre submitted bids to purchase the rights to The Drillimation Series to make games based on the anime. Seymour Games' idea struck Drillimation Studios and they won the bidding war.

Sakamoto's goal when creating the game was to eliminate some of the systems used in the original board game and come up with new ideas. Some of those included replacing the event cards with in-board events. Another was creating new minigames and making them play in fun and innovative ways. Instead of the game just being a video game adaptation, Hiroshi Takajima asked Seymour Games to make it an adventure game instead. This lead to the Seymour development team to make multiple boards and have unique endings.

Seymour began developing the first game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System using the Driller Engine 2 engine, but Takajima asked them to develop the game for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 for better technology. During development, the game also saw ports on PC and Macintosh computers. The game collectively went under the game of HotShots Party in order to avoid confusing parents from buying the game for their families. The Japanese name of the game was changed, as HotShots is not very popular in Japan, and Drillimation chose to go with the name Drillimation Fever for Japanese releases.