Jedidiah Cudby intro
Come on psycho lets do battle
You might be a girl but you’re not a fragile
I don’t think that you can win
Cause I’m the best there’s ever been
Get your punch and let's get fight
Meet me on the battle field
Don’t be early don’t be late
Were’ on time and meet your fate
Signed, Annoymous

Verse 1
I’m not girl you think I am
Not a hero like superman
But I never let the boys push me around
I’m an lover through and through
Don’t believe me but its true
But when my back’s against the wall I’m like a tiger

Tough girls fight in they’re emotional but
They have might so demotional
And always right uncontrollable
The tough girls fight

Verse 2
If you challenge me you’ll see
Just how a strong a girl can be
If you’re nice to me then I’ll be a best friend
If you push me I’ll push back
Threaten me then I’ll attack
What you give comes around its Karma thing


Jedidiah Cudby verse
Now you see me now you don’t
I’m the one you fear the most
Your time is up to say goodbye
Prepare to lose you’re gonna die
Boys are stronger don’t you know
Everyone has told you so
I’m Piraka and this is my world
You’re not that tough you’re just a girl
You’re not that tough you’re just a silly girl