"GENE: Number 1, what is your name, please? NUMBER 1: My name is Ray Ivey. GENE: Number 2. NUMBER 2: My name is Ray Ivey. GENE: And number 3. NUMBER 3: My name is Ray Ivey. GENE: Only one of these people is the real Ray Ivey and is the only one sworn To Tell the Truth! And now, let's meet our panel, the voice of the Price is Right, Rod Roddy, the star of The Golden Girls, Betty White and the host of Wheel of Fortune which was recently aired on CBS, Bob Goen! Here's the host of To Tell the Truth, Gordon Elliot!"

To Tell the Truth is a test pilot of the 1990 revival of To Tell the Truth hosted by Gordon Elliot, announced by Gene Wood, produced by Mark Goodson Productions and it was taped at NBC Studios on June 18, 1990.

Differences between the test pilot and the actual showEdit

  • Mark Goodson steward Gene Wood announced the show instead of Burton Richardson.
  • The set is colored blue instead of brown and gold.
  • The background behind the men doors is colored green.
  • The other door background color is orange instead of blue and the "TTTTT"s are colored green instead of purple.
  • Everything else remained the same.


  • Ray Ivey also appeared on Jeopardy! on October 30, 1990.
  • Gene Wood appears on-camera just before the Goodson logo appears just like on the finale of Card Sharks hosted by Jim Perry in 1981.