Not to be confused with the 1985 Reg Grundy series of the same name, in which Robert Noah was involved.


"What show has history in there? It's the TIME MAAAAACHINE!!! Today's guests were ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY and ROBERT FOXWORTH! And now here's the star of the Time Machine, ALLEN LUDDEN!"

Time Machine is a 1978 unsold word association game show pilot created and produced by Robert Noah for Heatter-Quigley, directed by Jerome Shaw, hosted by Allen Ludden and announced by Kenny Williams. The pilot was taped on October 16, 1978, at NBC Studios, ahead of its taping of the first episode of Password Plus, as the network is looking to replace America Alive.


The contestant completed each show. The format is simply Password with historic photos.

Main Game

Two celebrities played the game for points. Two celebrities are given the clue givers to say a word and got the option to pass or play and they partner to say many things about history. When you guess the clues, then a historic photo is shown with the word below, and the celebrity has won.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is "History Circle" and the winning team got 60 seconds to get his partner to say words and guess worth $50, and if it won, the history photo is shown with a word down below, just like in the main game.


  • The theme for the pilot is an abridged version of The Magnificent Marble Machine theme.
  • If a word is guessed with the correct clues, an abridged version of the 1969-1979 Hollywood Squares theme plays which is composed by The William G. Loose Orchestra.
  • The closing theme is the 1974 High Rollers theme.
  • Two celebrities from the pilot, Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth will go on to become the first celebrities on Password Plus, which Ludden also hosted.