Theorysonic Pyramid is a home video game console developed by Theorysonic. It is Theorysonic's last home video game console, marking the end of the company's 37 years in the console market.


Theorysonic Pyramid was launched on January 4, 2000, in El Kadsre with the price of $199. It has 4 player controllers, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and a USB output for saving data, downloading content, playing multimedia and backup, while its controller has two analog sticks, a digital pad, four action buttons, two action triggers, built-in speakers and a built-in Page orientation color LCD screen. The Pyramid is the first and only game console to gain access to the web with the customized version of the Star Web browser built-in the console. It has similarities to Sega Dreamcast.


The sales declined following the popularity of most Portosic devices, more powerful consoles, and mobile gaming. It failed to outsell PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. In 2006, no new Theorysonic home video game consoles released following lackluster sales, instead of focusing on work Portosic, TheoryPhone, and TheoryTablet devices and TS-UGOS computers for gaming. Over 17 million units sold worldwide during its lifespan. The console finally discontinued on April 30, 2011.

Game Library

The Theorysonic Pyramid has over 400+ games.


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