Theorynet, also known as Theorynet Browser, is a discontinued browser. Theorynet was a successor of LenseNet and it is available for TS-UGOS E1, TS-UGOS E2 and TS-UGOS 2 and it was discontinued too close to the release of TS-UGOS 3. Theorynet comes with the modem with the 3-month trial. When it expires, it doesn't show the messages to renew the subscription but stops updating the pages. To see the pages updated, you have to take the Theorynet modem out of the TS-UGOS or TS-UGOS 2 and go to the nearby electrical store so they can upgrade it for you. In 1989, during the time of the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, Theorynet was discontinued and replaced by Star Web.

History and development Edit

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Decline Edit

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