TheoryPhone is a line of smartphones and mobile devices designed and marketed by Theorysonic. Their main operating system is PTSUG, and the first generation model was released on April 28, 1996; the most recent TheoryPhone model is the TheoryPhone X6, which was unveiled at a special event on 2015.

History and availabilityEdit

Development of what was to become the TheoryPhone began in 1994 when Theorysonic started to gather a team of 500 employees to work on the highly confidential "Project Green".

The first-generation model went on sale in the El Kadsre on April 28, 1996, followed by the other countries. Following the successful release in El Kadsre, TheoryPhone was also introduced in some countries in between 1997 and 1998.

It is the first touchscreen slate-phone model was released in July 2004.

Production Edit

Hardware Edit

Software Edit

The TheoryPhone runs PTSUG. The latest version is PTSUG X7.


As of 2017, there are 5 million+ applications available for TheoryPhone and other Theorysonic mobile devices.

Reception Edit

The TheoryPhone has received positive reviews. In its launch year, it was called "revolutionary", while newer iterations have received praise, such as being called "the best phone".

The TheoryPhone attracts users of all ages, and besides consumer use, the TheoryPhone has also been adopted for business purposes.

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