NOTICE - This work is satire and was made purely for laughs. This is not meant to offend anyone and shouldn't be taken as so.

The War of Drillimation was a gigantic battle with the Meme Organization versus Drillimation. The conflict started when Drillimation attempted to claim ownership of Minecraft, Mr. Driller and Angry German Kid, causing the Meme Organization to overthrow him and destroy his creations.

The War Edit

On Something Something 2000 whatever, Drillimation, a large money making scamming company, attempted to copyright Mr. Driller, Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, Minecraft (why not), Lucky Star, Mario Kart, Angry German Kid, Star Trigon and Castlevania.

Namcokid, the head councilor of the Meme Organization, was furious (and quite salty) with this on-going problem. After sending the Vandal Group to remove his pages, he then acquired another organization, Kquar Gaming, to help destroy Drillimation.

After the Drillimation Cyber Attack Team defeated the Vandal Group, Namcokid47 and Kquar began to plan out a strategy - take out the supreme reactor core of Drillimation's Internet based accounts to get control over them, destroy the copyright documents, and free Drillimation's prisoners from awful-written page torture. The plan began on March 18, 2017, when the Meme Organization began to infiltrate Drillimation's accounts on the activity areas Creation, Dream Logo, Dream Fiction and Fantendo.

After weeks of battling, Drillimation's Fantendo area was destroyed after Dat Boi, Angry Grandpa, Grand Dad and the Nutshack crew managed to cause a reactor core meltdown, which eventually lead to the downfall of the area and destroyed it completely. Lucky Star and Mario Kart were freed from slavery and torture, and agreed to join the Meme Organization to stop Drillimation.

Work immediately began on the Dream Logo area. High-ranking memes were deployed to infiltrate Dream Logo, destroying anything in their path and shutting down the thermal core to the ban zone. A month of destruction went by, until Dream Logo was eventually destroyed as well; in this case, being caused by a integer overflow of the database monitors after Silvagunner managed to add too many nice high-quality rips to the system. Angry German Kid, Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic were slaved and were added to the Meme Organization roster. Once the Dream Logo area was destroyed, the Meme Organization began to work on taking down the Dream Fiction area and Creation area.

The Meme Organization decided to split their team during the next attack strategy. Half of which were going to destroy the Creation area while the rest were sent out to destroy the Dream Fiction area. Months past, and after almost killing their team, Dream Fiction and Creation were finally destroyed when the two managed to collide after Kquar managed to launch one of the areas into the other, crashing them together and destroying them for good. Mr. Driller, Star Trigon and Castlevania were rescued and immidiantly joined the Meme Organization to begin their final attack plan: destroy Drillimation's Tumblr reactor core.

The Meme Organization sent out everything they could; memes, jokes, satire works and vehicles to take down the Tumblr core. Since all of the areas have been destroyed, Drillimation was no longer able to ban the memes from entering the Tumblr core. Several long months had past of attacking, defending and destroying, and after Shrek and Barry B. Benson shut off the power, caused a overflow of surge, which ended up destroying the core and defeating Drillimation's cyber attack ban area. Minecraft was rescued from the destruction and barely made it out alive.

Drillimation was sent out to fight the leader of the attack: Namcokid. A large victory was made for Namcokid after he annihilated Drillimation with an attack helicopter equipped with hyper cannons. Victory was claimed by the Meme Organization, and they all got drunk of grape juice and apple cider while watching swag infested YouTube videos. Oh yeah, a bunch of Namcokid's DeviantArt peeps were there too.

Drillimation after the war Edit

When the war ended, Drillimation, being killed, had his company liquidated into Namco Bandai Games, with the latter stating that they will never use their original franchises again, as quoted "'s complete bollocks".

Drillimations' other smaller areas were deactivated and removed in the following months.

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