"Here it is, all new, a show that's sparkling with excitement; because a fortune in fabulous prizes may be won tonight if The Price is Right! (Insert contestant names), COME ON DOWN! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right! And now, here is the star of The Nighttime Price is Right, Michael Burger!"

The Nighttime Price is Right is an unsold pilot/attempt at a new nighttime version of The Price is Right hosted by Michael Burger, announced by Gary Kroeger, produced by Mark Goodson Productions and Pearson Television and it was taped for syndication on August 18, 2000 at CBS Television City, the same day the pilots of Now You See It with Rod Roddy taped. and it was intended to pair up with a new version of Now You See It. There are ten pilots taped, just like in the Orson Bean Concentration pilots 15 years ago. The model of the 2000 pilot was Nikki Ziering.

Main GameEdit

The game plays just like the half-hour daytime format.

One BidEdit

The One Bid plays just like in the main daytime version, except there were a few differences from the daytime version:

  • The contestant bids the exact price received $1000 in cash.
  • The contestant rows' borders were blue as almost the opposite of green.

Pricing GamesEdit

Just like in the daytime version, each winner of the six One Bid rounds is called onto the stage to play a pricing game to play for 1 prize.

  • Plinko (Pilot 1)
  • Safecrackers (Pilot 1)
  • Joker (Pilot 1)
  • Temptation (Pilot 2)
  • Shopping Spree (Pilot 2)
  • Pathfinder (Pilot 2)
  • Grand Game (Pilot 3)
  • Check Game (Pilot 3)
  • Freeze Frame (Pilot 3)

NOTE: Just like in the daytime version, when winning a brand new car, contestant also receives a license plate frame saying that this contestant won that car on the show. It also has a "Winner" card contained.


Just like in the main daytime version, except the two qualifying contestants are shown a large prize package. The winning contestant, however, bids $250, and however, a contestant won with one million dollars.


  • The music package was the same one that was used from 1972-2007.
  • The nighttime pilot was later inspired by the CBS primetime specials "The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular".
  • It used the old half-hour format.