"And now a guide you through the highways and byways of The New Video Village! And you can over win $10,000 in cash! And now, here is his honor for the next thirty minutes, Mayor Bob Barker!"

The New Video Village is an unsold pilot/attempted 1970s revival of the early 1960s show hosted by Bob Barker, announced by Kenny Williams (who also appeared on-camera as a town crier, reprising his role from the original Video Village), produced by Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions and it was taped for CBS on February 9, 1972 at Television City in Hollywood, California, months ahead of the first taping of The New Price is Right with Bob Barker.


The main game looks the same as the original Video Village except there were differences to the original show:

  • Money Squares: Contestants received $10-$50 over the space.
  • Jail: Contestants could be sent here by drawing a card, and to get out, the contestant had to successfully predict whether their roll would be even (2,4,6).
  • Ask the Council: These contestants asked a question and won the cash of $2,000, judging to agree.
  • Shops: There were five themed stores (Bank, Appliance Store, and Jewelry Store) will contain a prize with $1,000 dollars and the first contestant to land on the store space won.

The contestant, however, land on the "Finish" space won the game with a cash of $10,000.

The bonus game featured was contestants running around in direction.


  • The theme tune was the same as the 1969 Storybook Squares theme song.
  • The bonus game became the main game for the Saturday morning Runaround, which lasted from 1972 to 1973 on NBC.
  • Bob Barker, however, hated the 1972 pilot and however, he called the pilot "an awful pile of junk".