Part OneEdit

  • (The film opens with Tsutomu Kagekawa coming inside his home.)
  • Pete: Well hello there dad! It's great to see you! And you might not know that today is the 30th anniversary of The Invasion of '83!
  • Tsutomu: Oh, thanks, Pete! That was the worst experience I had back in 1983! I was around your age when this happened!
  • Pete: Tell me. What exactly happened?
  • Tsutomu: Well, two days before the attack, I was in Kasukabe at the time.
  • (Screen flashes back to October 29, 1983.)
  • Tsutomu: Hey mom, I'm telling you that I and a few of my friends are traveling to Kasukabe the next morning.
  • Tsutomu's Mother: Why as you may say?
  • Tsutomu: The reason that is because I want to enjoy a relaxing vacation at the Takanomiya Park. While I'm not just visiting that, my friends and I will visit other interesting places around the city, and then I'll come back the day after Halloween.
  • Tsutomu's Mother: I've heard they've got great food at the Takanomiya Park. I want you to bring back some food here!
  • Tsutomu: Fine! I'll do as you requested!
  • Tsutomu's Mother: Watch the weather too. Don't freeze to an ice cube at night!
  • Tsutomu: (narrating) My father didn't want me to go, but I told him I'm going whether he likes it or not. The next day, when we arrived at Kasukabe, I nearly died of happiness. It was so beautiful like there was no tomorrow. We had a lot of fun that day, and on Halloween, we went and visited more interesting places. That night, we got disturbed by Team Ankoku.
  • Tsutomu: Hey, give me the phone. (Tsutomu picks up the phone) Hello, can someone tell me what the heck is going on here?
  • Tsutomu's Mother: No.
  • Tsutomu: Don't blame me. I think I've heard some guns and tanks. This better not be something from Team Ankoku or someone else!
  • Tsutomu's Mother: Wait, something just showed up on breaking news: Kasukabe is being invaded by Team Ankoku! They entered Kasukabe at 7 PM deploying their helicopters and tanks. They also said some people were shot and killed. The attack was declared by Dr. Manhole.
  • Tsutomu: Kasukabe is being invaded!? I cannot believe what you just said! Looks like we better get out of here! (narrating) A few Team Ankoku hackers got inside our hotel room and tried to shoot us, but one of my friends beat up the hacker, stole his gun, and killed him. The hotel we escaped out of collapsed anyways, but another Team Ankoku hacker tried to kill my friend. He quickly got out his wand and hit him with a Crutiatus Curse and then a Killing Curse.

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