The Invasion of '83 (1983年の侵略 Issen kyūhyaku hachijūsan-nen no Shinryaku?) was a major incident that occurred on Halloween of 1983. Having been told by Mecha Mima that Konata Izumi is Manhole's enemy, his goal was to find and murder Kanata Izumi, Konata's mother, with the Super Mecha Death Drill. He successfully did so while stopping others from calling police by using his hackers. When he got inside the Izumi Clan's home, he attempted to murder Soujirou and Konata, but one of Soujirou's spell cards rebounded and hit Manhole instead, causing part of his soul to be torn out of his body, and accidentally making Konata into a horcrux.



"The Izumi Clan had a child!? Get out of here, I am so going to send their butts to the pits of the Netherworld!"
- Dr. Manhole

After Konata was born, a few of Manhole's grunts notified him about the Izumi Clan having a baby girl. It was said she would have the power to defeat him. After being shocked by this, Manhole decided to declare an attack in Kasukabe to eliminate Konata.

Betrayal and Attack

"Soujirou, take Konata and go! I'll fend him off!"
- Kanata Izumi, seconds before dying

Once the couple was aware that Manhole was going after their daughter, the government of Kasukabe advised them to live in an underground bunker. They successfully did so, suggesting that Manhole would also attack others too. With a few hackers growing angry about the Izumi Clan's moving, Manhole located their whereabouts and attacked Kasukabe on Halloween. Upon arriving and being sought by Kanata, she asked Soujirou to protect Konata while she tried to battle Manhole. Manhole then got onto their street and quickly murdered Kanata. Manhole went on and broke inside their house with Soujirou blocking the entrance to Konata's nursery.

However, as soon as Manhole was about to murder Soujirou, the spell card rebounded and hit him after Taizo Hori stepped into the scene and defeated Manhole. Kanata's sacrifice caused Konata to grow a large ahoge and Manhole's killing of Kanata accidentally made Konata into a horcrux.


"What we know from the evidence was that he tried to take you down in the village you were living in on Halloween fifteen years ago. You were just around half a year old when this happened, and Manhole broke inside your house and killed your mother. He then tried to kill you and your father, but the spell card rebounded and hit him instead, and that's where I came in. Wanna know why you have that ahoge on your head? That was from your mother's sacrifice. Whenever someone sacrifices themselves for someone they love, that's what happens. That's why you are famous, Konata!"
- Taizo Hori, to Konata

The effects of Manhole's attacks were stopped by two major drillers: Taizo Hori and Masuyo Toby. Dr. Zett was immediately alerted of this incident and decided to make Kanata into a youkai to avoid Team Ankoku hackers from shinkunating. Her soul was undiscovered for nearly 15 years after the attack by archaeologists of the Lucky Star Kingdom.

Coronation of the Izumi Clan

"Welcome back, Kanata! What you're in right now is something called the Lucky Star Kingdom. You are going to become the soon-to-be-coronated queen of our kingdom! Your anyone else in your family except grandparents or relatives will also be coronated."
- Minami Iwasaki, to the recently reincarnated Kanata Izumi

Kanata's dead body was reincarnated by Minami Iwasaki, who was then going to coronate Kanata as the queen of the kingdom. Furthermore, the prom event that was scheduled for Ryou has been moved to the kingdom, where Konata and Soujirou would be coronated respectively. This was also the first time Konata met Susumu, and would eventually become good friends.