"It's The Generation Game! Today's guests are BEA ARTHUR and BILL CULLEN! And now, ladies and gentleman, here's the host, the star of The Generation Game, TOM KENNEDY!"

The Generation Game is a 1978 unsold pilot hosted by Tom Kennedy, announced by Bob Clayton, produced by Sande Stewart for Bob Stewart Productions/Basada, Inc. and it was taped for NBC at NBC Studios in Burbank, California on May 18, 1978. The celebrities on the pilot were Bea Arthur and Bill Cullen. The show was described as The Generation Gap meets Pyramid and Shoot for the Stars. It was planned as a replacement for For Richer, For Poorer but NBC turned down and get The All-New Jeopardy! hosted by Art Fleming instead of The Generation Game.


Two celebrities play the game with how about other people's generations with three different rounds and a bonus round.

Main GameEdit

The main game goes onto other people's generations. The first generation is "Senior Generation". The second generation is "Junior Generation". However, celebrities play the game.

The first round is "Generation Quiz". The first round plays questions (for example, "When did Marilyn Monroe die") and the answer (for example, "1962") so the Senior Generation can win.

The second round is "Chain Generation". The chain consisted of ten words or phrases. The top & bottom words were revealed at the start. The generation on the team in control chose which position to reveal a letter (either above the previously revealed word or below the previously revealed word). When the letter was revealed, the generation had five seconds to guess the word. However, the Senior Generation has won.

The final round is a variation of the 1975 game show Blankety Blanks, called "A Blank of Generation". Celebrities play the game by filling the blanks to solve the answer and the Junior Generation has won.

Bonus GameEdit

In the bonus game, it was a variation of the bonus game used on Shoot for the Stars, except the Generation shoots celebrities and the Junior Generation has won.


  • While taped at Burbank, the presence of Bob Stewart standby Bob Clayton (who lived in New York) as announcer suggests it was for both fans of New York and California.
  • The theme music was the same as the theme for Shoot for the Stars.
  • The second round became the main game for Chain Reaction.
  • Tom Kennedy reportedly called The Generation Game, "an obvious piece of sh*t".