The Dream Fiction Show is an El Kadsreian live-action/animated sitcom created and written by Susumu Takajima and distributed by El TV Kadsre.

Cast Edit

  • Amiel Estoy Peña as Himself
  • Julia Meyers as Denise
  • Aaron Schock as Vincent McLaren
  • Alexis Texas as Michelle McLaren
  • Eric V. James as Jimmy
  • Gotz Otto as Deven Elliott
  • Jedidiah Cudby as Himself
  • Kathryn Bernardo as Giada Torres Kaufman
  • Ben Gia Tran as Ben
  • Robert Mapplethorpe as Pasi Peure
  • Sophia Kara as Jennifer
  • Susumu Takajima as Driller
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Marcel Casey
  • Ulrich Matthes as Ryota Ružička
  • Mauricio Macri as Andy Wilson
  • Lisa Norton as Kelly Sanchez

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