"Our only source of newspapers comes from The Daily Minecraftia, the paper you commonly see every day. They also discount information about current events as well as upcoming events."
- Ryan Tenmetsu, describing it

The Daily Minecraftia (日刊マインクラフト国 Nikkan Mainkurafuto-koku?), often abbreviated as TDM, is a newspaper based in Minecraftia City, explaining the current events in Minecraftia City, Minecraftia, as well as politics, sports, finances, business, advertisements, and even yonkomas in Minecraftia.

The newspaper began publishing in Minecraftia in 1809 and is one of the most subscribed newspapers in the country. As of February 2016, the newspaper has garnered a total of 110 million subscribers worldwide. All provinces publish the newspaper physically in Minecraftia City and digitally in all provinces except the capital, as well as the rest of the world.

Known articles


Queen Kanata Assassinated: Officials blame Team Ankoku on Invasion in New Saitama

Written: November 1, 1983

Residents of New Saitama had to go into hiding Halloween night after Team Ankoku had launched an all-out attack in New Saitama Province. The attack, which was declared by Fred Fuchs, occurred when he heard a prophecy that Princess Konata would have the ability to defeat Team Ankoku. Despite the prophecy, Team Ankoku located Lord Soujirou's whereabouts and attacked New Saitama in an effort to erase the Izumi clan.

Despite the attacks, only one in the royal family was killed. Queen Kanata was apparently hit with a Killing Curse when she was trying to defend her husband and daughter. However, when the killer tried to humiliate Lord Soujirou and Princess Konata, the attacks were nullified by a few fellow drillers fighting in the attack.


Minecraftia High School and University Founder, Soichirou Kishimizu, is Dead at 89

Written: March 11, 1991

Soichirou Kishimizu, who founded Minecraftia High School and University, died yesterday at the Minecraftia Health Network after a fight with cancer at the age of 89. In the nine decades of his life, he revolutionized Minecraftia City's education system and made millions from Minecraftia High School and University. He died yesterday at 8:05 PM EMDT after a three-yearlong fight with cancer in his esophagus and throat.

"The whole city, graduates of Minecraftia High School and University, and my friends are deeply saddened by his death," says Honoka Akimoto, Kishimizu's wife. Kishimizu was born to and raised by a single unmarried mother in her apartment in 1902. He met his future wife Honoka Akimoto as well as her childhood friend, Tsumugi Chikami in elementary school. They became good friends and even attended high school and the University of Eastern Minecraftia in Kinmyou, Pohatosin together. Later, they founded both the university and high school, which went on to become one of the most recognized schools in Minecraftia.

Kishimizu and Akimoto married in 1927, and within a year, they had their one and only daughter. His single mother unknowingly knew he would go on to become one of the richest people in Minecraftia when she saw issues in The Daily Minecraftia after its success.

Man Flying Team Crimson Flag Makes His Neighbors Outrage

Written: August 17, 1997

A man that lives on a quiet street south of Downtown Minecraftia City has raised a flag that also raised emotions and offended some of his neighbors as well. "It just bothers me," said one neighbor. For almost a whole day yesterday, a Team Crimson flag was on display here on this quiet street. Kisumi Ochiai, one woman who lives here and is a mother of two daughters, was reading a newspaper while her girls were playing gleefully in the front yard, until she looked up and saw the flag.

Many neighbors had no idea what the flag meant, until seeing the news that night about Team Crimson committing more atrocities in central Minecraftia. The flag represents a Canadian extremist group founded by the same person who founded the Shintoist State and Scarlet Devil of Newfoundland. When Ochiai saw the flag, she immediately called the Minecraftia City Police Department, where they interviewed the man who put up the flag, and stated that "Japanese people are not welcome."

The man who put up the flag did not get arrested, but he is now under the radar of several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. Kisumi's husband, Hideo, is an IT manager at his business Hideo Ochiai Labs. They live across the street from where the flag was flown. He's known them from the start, and stated that for a man like him, he was already starting to get bothered by it. Several of Hideo's neighbors want to interview the person who flew the flag. The owner is said to be a "Crimsonite", a follower of Team Crimson.

The owner did not mind giving the police his opinion. He was reported to have been mentally ill, suffering depression after the passing of his wife. He has Islamic tattoos as he's Muslim and says he supports Hitler because he's of German descent. His wife's passing impaired his life but not his freedom of speech. They did get a reaction from the mayor of Minecraftia City, stating that they do not promote the flying of extremist flags by anyone and that they do not support racism and therefore respect all cultures within Minecraftia.

Namco and Drillimation's "Touhou 12" Recalled After Players Find Game-Breaking Bug

Written: April 9, 1999

Arcade game giant Namco has announced a formal recall to their "Touhou 12" game after players had found a game-breaking bug in the game. This bug would cause the game to crash after players reach 1 million points, resulting in the infamous "Orange Screen of Death". Players are unsure what caused this, but Drillimation claims that a bug in the game was likely the cause.

"I'm not sure what happened, but I was playing the game all of a sudden, the screen went orange and had no idea what happened," says a player at the Creeper's Arcade.


Classroom horror at Emenbee Elementary and Junior High School

Written: March 14, 2000

A Canadian-American-Minecraftian student slit his teacher’s throat in an act of revenge after his Nintendo Game Boy was confiscated. The student, named only as Jack Fuchs in local news reports, had been discovered playing with his Game Boy by his teacher Hikari Uchida during recess at Emenbee Elementary and Junior High School in Minecraftia City.

The following day Fuchs went to Uchida’s classroom where the teacher was sat marking papers and slit her throat from behind. The 37-year-old mother-of-one died at the scene as the student fled. Today, Fuchs' father, Frederic Fuchs, who runs as the headmaster of the hacktivist group Team Crimson, congratulated his son for the crime before turning himself in to police in Minecraftia City.

Uchida had worked as an elementary school teacher at Emenbee for ten years before her brutal murder, school officials told El TV Kadsre. She had taken the student’s Game Boy after the 11-year-old boy had used it during recess, but it had been returned at the end of the day. Despite this, Fuchs attacked Uchida as she was preparing lessons in her classroom, just two days after the Minecraftia High School Prom – an annual formal dance where students confess their love to their love interests, which Uchida's 15-year-old nephew took her daughter to. Officials say a fellow teacher heard Uchida’s scream and called emergency serviced, but the 37-year-old was dead before an ambulance arrived.

Dozens of School Buses crash after Snow Day "Cirnosis"

Written: November 18, 2004

Things were pretty normal for Minecraftia City Schools yesterday but behind the scenes, the district is now apologizing for a huge mistake to operate schools that day, after blizzard warnings for the area dropped more than 60 centimeters of snow right around noon, calling it a "Cirnosis", in allusion to a character from the extremely popular arcade game series Touhou Project.

The forecast expected 7 centimeters of snow, but a strong cold front was busy thwarting other provinces and their cities with 15 - 40 centimeters, causing dangerous road conditions and even whiteouts. The blizzard had caused numerous bus accidents after students were forced to go home on icy roads covered in thick sheets of snow, causing drivers to get stuck and activate snow-clearing spell cards.

"I grew up in Minecraftia City after moving from El Kadsre, and I attended school here from kindergarten until I graduated from Minecraftia High School. I've survived walking to school in more than 15 cm of snow, and I'm always like the first one there," says Ryan Tenmetsu, headmaster of Minecraftia High School.

Minecraftia High School website hacked, claims "Junji Ebina is still alive"

Written: April 30, 2005

It was a mystery that perplexed Minecraftia since 2003, with them stating "where is Junji Ebina?" Yesterday for almost half a day, it appeared that Minecraftia High School noticed this story on their blog, and found out this was fake. It was actually the work of hackers from a group calling themselves Team Crimson who broke inside Minecraftia High School's computer system. Asides from posting the fake story, Team Crimson made some of Minecraftia High School's private content available to the public.

Many students and staff of the school are asking Team Crimson why they would do this, and it was actually retaliation as the group did not actually like a short film series called The Drillimation Series by a group of students at the school, that features anime-like characters performing comedic stunts. Right after watching these shorts, members of the group told Susumu "Driller" Takajima, the creator of the series, that he had stolen one of Hearthcliffe's Horcruxes and making derivative works based on it. Hearthcliffe even threatened to sue the school over Driller's activities as far back as October 2004.

Queen Konata Becomes Pregnant: What to Expect

Written: July 26, 2005

Local doctors at the Minecraftia Health Network have made an exciting announcement that Queen Konata was going to be having a baby in February or March of next year. According to nationwide reactions, Minecraftians were becoming excited about this, and kids are probably sending letters to the monarch determining what the baby will be.

Hearthcliffe Defeated: Minecraftia High School Wins First Battle of Minecraftia

Written: August 1, 2005

Minecraftia High School students Susumu "Driller" Takajima and Kagami Ochiai were honored by King Susumu and Queen Konata as they defeated Hearthcliffe at Minecraftia University over the weekend. The battle, which had been ongoing since May of this year, had been really brutal for Minecraftia High School students. "I helped Driller defeat Hearthcliffe, and it was a tough job", says Shira Katsumoto, who is a second-year student at the school.

Hearthcliffe Returns: Now More Active

Written: July 17, 2006

In a brief outcry at the Minecraftia Square, Susumu "Driller" Takajima has confirmed that Takumi Hearthcliffe has returned to Minecraftia and is now much more active. "I thought we defeated him, and it was a great regret over his destructiveness, and now, he is back and among us again," says Kumiko Uchida, daughter of the late Hikari Uchida. Local officials have arrested a fourth-year student at Minecraftia High School named Joey Belmont accused of using Driller's blood to revive Hearthcliffe after seeing Driller and Kagami Ochiai outside the Minecraftia Opera House from an evening performance of The Flight of the Bamboo Cutter.

The Monarch of Minecraftia is currently publishing guides for homeowners to protect their homes from Heartchliffe, as King Susumu heard the truth of these rumors of Hearthcliffe returning. Details that led to the event was that Belmont found Hearthcliffe's body in a burst ofuda by Kumiko Uchida and put his heavy body inside a cauldron to prepare the revival. Ryan Tenmetsu, the headmaster of Minecraftia High School, believed that Hearthcliffe and his followers (known as Crimsonites) had gained access to the Lucky Star Kingdom itself Friday evening, trying to find Queen Konata's Lighting Scepter before being chased out by the guards of the castle. Meanwhile, King Susumu is insisting that Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai set out to form an army similar to Team Crimson and crush Hearthcliffe.

Tragedy on Sanyou Expressway

Written: December 30, 2006

A 14-year-old girl was hospitalized after she was seriously hurt from an attack by a Crimsonite after a battle broke out on the Sanyou Expressway in Japan's Hiroshima Prefecture. The victim, who goes by the name of Yumi Ochiai, had twisted her ankle after being hit by a Crimsonite's Stunning Spell while fighting side-by-side with Susumu Takajima, one of Minecraftia's famous drillers. The girl went flying off of her cousin's truck and collapsed in the middle of the expressway itself.

The battle began after a fellow Crimsonite lashed a Cruciatus Curse at Ochiai, but Driller nullified the attack and instead launched a Disarming Charm on the victim, removing their weapon with the weapon being destroyed by another car. In an act of revenge, the caster launched the spell, leading up to the traumatic events that occurred. "She was seriously hurt, I saw her bleeding on her right knee," says Susumu Takajima.

Takajima asked both cars to pull over and examine Ochiai. Yumi's older sister, Kagami Ochiai, was so horrified over this that it warranted a call to both paramedics and the police. When they arrived at the scene, police were able to track down the Crimsonite's car. The Crimsonite who initiated the attack is now arrested, charged with first-degree assault and attempted murder.

Stalker Forum Ender Farms Busted Over Biggest Crackdown On Phishing and Cyberbullying

Written: January 24, 2007

At a large mansion in Dockery Bay in Kyoushin Province, a series of vintage artifacts worth millions were seized with the man living there arrested after he sealed himself inside a safe room and found right next to a revolver. His name is Junzou Tsukimoto, and Minecraftian officials believed he is one of the top phishing and cyberbullying pirates on the internet. Minecraftian police said that he was listed on warrants relating to phishing and cyberbullying offenses based on racketeering.

Minecraftian officials said that he, along with two other people, ran the popular forum under the name of Ender Farms, a place where users make fun of celebrities and other users. It was also a place where its users trolled other internet users when writing legal complaints by grabbing their personal information. Another reason for controversy was that the main topic was often associated with dark humor, with its context being very profane in nature.

Officials from Minecraftia City said that Susumu "Driller" Takajima and Kagami Ochiai, two of Minecraftia's famous drillers, were also victims of the site. This all happened when Ender Farms user "MissionBinary" posted a fake story of Driller contracting cancer and Kagami being assassinated by Hearthcliffe. "MissionBinary and Tsukimoto could likely be Crimsonites or followers of Hearthcliffe," says Ryan Tenmetsu, headmaster of Minecraftia High School.

Minecraftian officials realized that Ender Farms was not aware of both issues, but its users helped to turn the world into chaos. Due to its dark content, the site was regularly blacklisted in schools and various countries. As of today, Minecraftian and US officials have now shut down Ender Farms' website. But when this happened, hacktivists from Team Crimson temporarily shut down NCMEC's and SPCA's websites respectively.

Driller Saves the Minecraftia High School Prom Night From Hearthcliffe

Written: March 11, 2007

The Prom night at Minecraftia High School was saved by Susumu Takajima after it almost turned into a nightmare for him. The Minecraftia High School Prom is an annual formal dance held every year where students confess their love to their love interests, and Driller had taken Kagami Ochiai to prom for two years in a row. The dance is also the place for alumni of the school to have engagements and weddings take place. This time, he took a girl named Reika Enami, who has developed a crush on him.

The event almost ended in disaster after Driller had to save Ochiai from Hearthcliffe, who tried to marry her in a secret shrine called the Altar of Hidden Evil, which is hidden inside Mineplex All Boys High School. The shrine was previously opened by Hearthcliffe's father when he was his age in the 1970s and used it to marry his wife, Hanayo Katsuragi, who later died after Hearthcliffe was born in 1988. To carry the operation out, Hearthcliffe used Polyjuice Potion to steal the physical appearance of Driller. Using an apparition spell, he and Kagami warped to Mineplex All Boys High School to begin the wedding.

During the wedding, Driller came in and told Kagami that the other Driller (who was Hearthcliffe) was a fake. Using some milk, the Polyjuice effects wore off and it was revealed to be Hearthcliffe. With Hearthcliffe angry, he unleashed the mechanical basilisk that guards the shrine and molests on every student who goes inside. Driller knew had to defeat the basilisk to save Kagami. With the timely arrival of Yumi Ochiai, Kagami's younger sister, she gave Driller Honoka Akimoto's lightsaber to fight the basilisk. After crushing it by ramming the lightsaber up its roof, Driller used one of its teeth to destroy the ring horcrux owned by Hearthcliffe.

Hearthcliffe's Crimsonites Now Throwing Hissy Fits Over Destruction of His Class Ring

Written: March 13, 2007

Local residents of Minecraftia City are now concerned after one of Hearthcliffe's Horcruxes were destroyed by Susumu "Driller" Takajima at a hidden shrine at Mineplex All Boys High School. Hearthcliffe's followers, called Crimsonites, are lashing messages at Driller and his friends stating he stole and destroyed one of Hearthcliffe's Horcruxes, being the sprite and now the ring.

Driller had gotten ahold of the ring when rescuing Kagami Ochiai at the altar on the Minecraftia High School Prom. He battled the shrine's basilisk to get ahold of one of its fangs and destroy the Horcrux. With the Horcrux destroyed, there's only one more Horcrux Driller must destroy to defeat Hearthcliffe. "I couldn't believe Driller would do this dangerous battle to rescue my daughter, and it was pretty epic," says Kisumi Ochiai, Kagami's mother.

The government is beginning to publish guides for defense against Team Crimson's messages, and if they come into one's inbox, they are advised to report it and/or delete it. "I wasn't expecting Crimsonites to do this, and when I saw others getting this, that's when they found out he destroyed the Horcrux. Danmaku wars are likely going to uproar over this," says Megumi Wasai, member of the UGSF.

Team Crimson Destroys Spring in a Massive "Bombogenesis" of Snow

Written: March 14, 2007

Team Crimson has launched an all-out attack in an act of revenge after one of Hearthcliffe's Horcruxes was destroyed last weekend at the Minecraftia High School Prom, an annual formal dance where students confess their love to their love interests. The Horcrux, being the class ring, contains a hidden spell card that unleashes an extreme weather current when it is destroyed, and now almost all of Eastern Minecraftia is covered in more than 300 cm of snow, causing schools to cancel classes and/or have delays.

"I knew this would happen, spring and summer are the greatest seasons, and a Perfect Cherry Blossom is likely going to happen," says Kagami Ochiai, a student of Minecraftia High School. Many drillers of Minecraftia High School are now complaining that it might last forever or until Driller takes action over this. Until someone counterattacks to remove the spell, residents will have to return to winter customs for the duration of this.

Not only has the storm affected Minecraftia City, adjacent provinces across Eastern Minecraftia were also affected, including the Lucky Lagoon City of Gatajima, and a couple of cities in New Saitama. Team Crimson's antics also captured ten lives across three provinces. The storm had dropped that entire 300 cm in less than an hour, with wind gusts reaching from 65 to 80 kilometers an hour. The storm also triggered tsunami warnings with waves reaching up to two meters in length.

The attack is also reminiscent of the 1993 arcade game Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom which featured a similar situation in which spring never rises. If a real-life Saigyou Ayakashi would appear, then this would have been the cause of this powerful blizzard. The situation is currently being investigated by the National Weather Service of Minecraftia, and any hackers suspected are likely to face criminal charges.

Hearthcliffe and other Elite Hackers from Team Crimson Busted

Written: April 3, 2007

The Minecraftia Police has initiated a major takedown on the war against computer crime, and authorities across four countries have captured at least seven hackers from the United States, Canada, Minecraftia, and Japan in a recent string of high-profile cyber attacks that they have carried out. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now worried that trying to take them down will only spawn more.

They have breached government websites, financial services, and entertainment conglomerates. The perpetrator, being Jack Fuchs, was revealed to be Hearthcliffe, who was the serial killer in the Emenbee Teacher Murder in 2000. Six other hackers were involved in Team Crimson, which is associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous. Hearthcliffe, who is also a hacker, was reported during his senior year at Mineplex All Boys High School in Minecraftia City stating that he quit attending class entirely with the exception of one course. He allegedly hacked into teachers' accounts by installing keyloggers on their classroom computers, capturing keystrokes every time they logged into the system. The staff at the school also reported he changed his grades into straight A's. After graduating, it felt like he made more than $70,000 from a scholarship.

When he went to start his college degree at Minecraftia University, everything spilled out there. He lost his diploma, got kicked out of Minecraftia University, and was arrested by the Minecraftia Police Department. He was charged with hacking, murder, and other crimes. He and his accomplices were also arrested, with their attacks hitting more than five million victims.

"I couldn't believe the FBI and the SPCA were able to identify the perpetrators, and trying to get them is extremely difficult," says King Susumu, monarch of Minecraftia. One of those hackers, who goes by the name of Joey Belmont, known as "Mint Cookie" on social media, pleaded guilty for reviving Hearthcliffe last year. The SPCA also realized that Belmont and a few others were behind some notorious attacks, launching distributed denial of service attacks on Nihon Ad Systems, Toei Animation, and 20th Century Fox as retaliation for taking down swaths of doujin content on YouTube and other websites.

Viacom's website was also hacked after the Viacom v. YouTube case after they did the same thing with NAS and TCF. There, they posted a fake story stating that Deng Xiaoping was still alive and well in mainland China. Xiaoping died of Parkinson's in the late 1990s. They even disabled access to the Lucky Star Kingdom's website, and Queen Konata also reported Team Crimson hacking into email accounts and stealing information about a recent conference call between the kingdom itself and Minecraftia High School. The suspect even recorded that call and shared it on 4chan as well as other imageboards.

"There's a lot of bragging tweets about this, and every time we defeat a hacker, they grow two back," says Susumu Takajima of Minecraftia High School. The arrests of them will cause a debacle for the group, with some claiming this to be a non-sequitur of their movement. Takajima believes that the retaliation for this takedown will probably result in Anonymous to launch more operations and tell governments and corporations that their security isn't that resistible.

Team Crimson Makes it Snow in Minecraftia City Again: Save us, Driller!

Written: April 8, 2007

For those Minecraftians who are sick and tired of Team Crimson and possibly winter weather, Team Crimson has made it snow in Eastern Minecraftia again for the retaliation of the arrest of Hearthcliffe and six other hackers involved in a series of attacks on computer systems across the globe.

Minecraftia City is currently recovering from the snowstorm that occurred yesterday, which dropped more than 10 centimeters of snow. Many drillers are currently interviewing dozens of Crimsonites about the attack, and they said this was a violation of free speech.

For those Crimsonites watching this operation, they also said that Lucky Lagoon City is the next city to be hit by the storm, and Team Crimson is planning to hit more cities with the storm, and local authorities will be monitoring this all weekend.

Sentencing begins for Team Crimson Hackers Involved in Cyber Attacks

Written: April 10, 2007

For more than seven years, a group of computer hackers who go by the name of Team Crimson has been breaching the websites of governments and businesses across the globe. Last week, authorities across four countries have arrested seven hackers involved. The main perpetrator has been due for sentencing, and this will likely strike the core of the international hacker network Anonymous and one of its offshoots Team Crimson. For the FBI and SPCA, they're saying it's a bit of revenge.

One of the suspects, captured in Hiroshima, Japan, is accused of attacking a girl on the Sanyou Expressway and hacking into a conference call between the Lucky Star Kingdom and Minecraftia High School on cyber gangs. The suspect, who goes by the alias of "Gunmetal Mario", taunted both organizations by posting the call on the internet. Now he and five other hackers, including the perpetrator Hearthcliffe, have been arrested. Hearthcliffe, who tweets under his alias, is accused of murdering an elementary school teacher when he was younger and hacking into his high school's computer network to raise his grades.

Hearthcliffe was arrested last week and after Minecraftia Police obtained search warrants from his home computer, his evidence led to the arrests of the other six, who are now charged with a series of attacks on government and corporate systems. Team Crimson was accused of hacking the websites of Viacom, the Lucky Star Kingdom, and Bandai Namco Entertainment, often leaving behind a racist victory message. Toei Animation, Nihon Ad Systems, and 20th Century Fox were also hit by disruptive attacks.

One hacker who goes by the alias of "Sassy Otaku", personally profited in the cybercrime wave. She was accused of hacking the website of Minecraftia High School and posting a fake story of a student being still alive and stole information from 900 students.

The FBI hasn't declared victory over Team Crimson yet, but the main perpetrator, Hearthcliffe, is now spending his first night on death row after it took three hours to have him found guilty of all the crimes he has committed from the past seven years.

Hearthcliffe Has a Profanity Tirade During His Trial

Written: April 11, 2007

Jack Fuchs, who calls himself "Hearthcliffe", said he wanted to go far beyond his powers and talk far in policy. He explained it all at his trial on Monday addressing Team Crimson. His ideas weren't successful when police explained his unsuccessful murders against students at Minecraftia High School. This possible serial killer was cursing repeatedly over his antics and on topics against security.

One family in Minecraftia City, particularly the Katsumoto family and this father of four, wants to raise their security to defend the house full of maid daughters and a master. Hearthcliffe responded with "You're not gonna heavily arm your (insert word here) house! You understand me?" What to do with Susumu Takajima? Simple he says, just stab him 25 times like Sakuya Izayoi. This fellow Driller is hugely important to the Minecraftian society. Upon encountering him, he'll just say "Listen you mother (insert word here), I'm gonna stab you 25 times!"

He also plotted attempts to destroy heavily populated cities in Minecraftia. This ended up drawing mass attention nationwide. Cities he planned to plot terrorist attacks on included Minecraftia City, Coronary Falls of New Saitama Province, Dockery Bay of Kyoushin Province, and Kinmyou of Pohatosin Province. "Here in Minecraftia and other Oriental countries, we can just blow up whatever the (insert word here) we see, those weapons are cheap as (insert word here) and we don't give a (insert word here)," says Fuchs.

The Minecraftia Courthouse also received some documents from the Lucky Star Kingdom in North and South Horudika about a planned assassination of Queen Konata. Another law enforcement society in the Lucky Lagoon City of Gatashima Province suggests he plotted to assassinate her there if Team Crimson hackers did not get the chance to kill her there. Queen Konata even questions if she's serious about getting assassinated. The kingdom continues to do well to protect their monarch and Crown Prince Tetsuo from Team Crimson hackers.

Former Crimsonite Begins to Cooperate with the SPCA as Part of His Plea

Written: May 19, 2007

A former Team Crimson member was released from a prison in Vancouver, British Columbia and decided to start cooperating with the SPCA as part of his plea. The hacker was arrested last month as part of the Pacific Hacker Purge. Since his sentencing, he decided to start rebuilding his life to make other Minecraftians proud. In addition, he is also deciding to start cooperating with Minecraftia. His help is currently trying to hunt down other Crimsonites who might be trying to breach governments and corporations.

However, local Minecraftians across the country are afraid that he might social engineer his former Team Crimson buddies out of prison. However, local law enforcement agencies all across Minecraftia are currently elucidating this information that he's no longer screwing around anymore. Detectives are theorizing about the cybercrime waves that happened years prior. In a series of prophecies sent to Susumu Takajima, one of Minecraftia's most famous drillers, they say that if he defeats Hearthcliffe, Team Crimson will likely dissolve.

Crimsonites Set Vocational School on Fire; Adjacent Buildings Raided and Data Stolen

Written: May 26, 2007

A vocational school is now having Servpro repair the damage to a vocational school after Crimsonites had set it on fire and stole possessions from its adjacent facilities. The attack began at 4 am East Minecraftia Daylight Time, with the fire continuing for eight hours straight. In addition, other Crimsonites shut down the website for the school and left behind a message saying "All your base are belong to Team Crimson!"

So why are Minecraftians thinking why Team Crimson would do this? Because the school had perpetrated a vicious act of journalism by running an MEC documentary critical to Team Crimson and Hearthcliffe and raided the school to get back at them. In addition, they have also attacked and set other facilities on fire in the past, and many of these have been charged with arson. In fact, the Minecraftia Police Department is also using a new technology to find and capture Crimsonites. This technology would find a Crimsonite's home and set arrest warrants to capture them.

Hearthcliffe Escapes: Massive Breakout at Minecraftia Prison

Written: June 5, 2007

Local officials at the Minecraftia Prison have confirmed a massive breakout from Minecraftia Prison last night. According to theater director Kisumi Ochiai, Hearthcliffe and nine of his Crimsonites had escaped from the Minecraftia Prison yesterday evening. She also informed Minecraftia High School headmaster Ryan Tenmetsu, the monarch of Minecraftia, and some of her friends about the dangerous nature of these individuals.

"Looks like we found ourselves in the same position almost last year, when Joey Belmont brought Hearthcliffe back from the dead," says Susumu Takajima, a fourth-year student at Minecraftia High School. "We must also not forget that Fred Fuchs escaped a few times, and he was the first person ever to break out of Minecraftia Prison," says Miyuki Takajima, Susumu Takajima's mother. Others are saying that the Fuchs had social engineered his son and his fellow Crimsonites out of prison. The Minecraftia Police Department is doing their best to round up the criminals and ask our residents across the country to remain cautious and warn those to approach these individuals with extreme caution.

Team Crimson Takes Over Emenbee Elementary and Junior High School, Makes It Their New Hideout

Written: July 31, 2007

Local Crimsonites on 4chan and Twitter today announced that they have taken over a former elementary and junior high school and made it their new hideout. Their new home is based all over the campus with the exception of Emenbee All Girls High School. Any students currently attending the high school will need to be on the lookout for the rest of the school year. Any alumni and former students who attended the former school are now sadly disappointed.

A Ministry of Culture official emerged after they saw the former school riddled with graffiti displaying the Team Crimson insignia. Nobody was injured when the graffiti went up, but they refuse to give any information about what is inside the hideout, as they are afraid trying to go inside can result in death from Crimsonites. This statement will likely quash the rumors of turning all their dead victims into zombies, likely to start a zombie apocalypse. The monarch of Minecraftia is currently warning their residents to stay away from the former school or otherwise face the risk of being killed by a Crimsonite.

Mineplex All Boys High School Student Arrested For Plotting to Assassinate Headmaster, Police Confirm He is a Crimsonite

Written: October 6, 2007

A student of Mineplex All Boys High School is in some serious doo-doo after he plotted an attempt to assassinate the school's headmaster, Daisuke Kameda. This third-year student, who was put into custody after seeing the threats posted on Facebook, which said: "Ready to attack Kameda tomorrow." Minecraftia City Police also learned that the 17-year-old boy was a Crimsonite after he was wearing a shirt displaying the Team Crimson insignia and having a tattoo on his back that displays the same symbol.

The Ministry of Education asked students of the school to stay home that day to avoid death from this dangerous individual. He was doing this specifically to attack Kameda after he was expelled last year. He had learned to fire a gun at a young age, which prompted him to join Team Crimson after seeing the news of Hikari Uchida's death in 2000. Upon other students seeing the post, they contacted police about this and the student was subdued. Like the other Crimsonites who were arrested in April following a purge, if he is found guilty, he could end up facing up to two years in federal prison.

Ministry of Culture Passes Law to Ban Bus Transportation for Students Living 3km From Their School During Winter Seasons

Written: October 19, 2007

Ministry of Culture officials yesterday made an announcement to enact a law that would ban bus transportation for students that live three or more kilometers from their school. This ban was enacted due to the concern of Crimsonites attacking buses while they are transporting students to and from school. Last year, the district began suffering a shortage of drivers that would drastically affect transportation for students currently attending schools in the Minecraftia City School District.

In November 2004, Minecraftia City suffered a large number of bus crashes after a blizzard struck the area. The blizzard dropped more than 100 cm of snow, causing horrible traffic conditions and leading drivers to get trapped inside. Many victims used their spell bombs to clear the snow ahead of them. There have also been reports of Crimsonites blowing tires on school buses to prevent students from getting to school and home respectively. The subsequent winters of 2005 and 2006 reduced the number of bus crashes during transportation.

Also during the winter seasons, Team Crimson's forces get stronger and the death rate from Crimsonites rise. Many cities across Minecraftia always post warnings to be on the lookout for Crimsonites during the winter seasons. But nonetheless, the Crimsonites only target those who want to try and defeat Hearthcliffe. Two of Minecraftia's most famous drillers, Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai, have been frequent targets of these, but always fight back.

Team Crimson Defeated: The Real Driller Defeats Hearthcliffe for the Second Time in Three Years

Written: March 12, 2008

Reports from Minecraftia High School and University claim this to be true, as Takumi Hearthcliffe, otherwise known as Jack Fuchs, has been defeated once and for eternity, by Susumu "Driller" Takajima.

18-year-old Susumu Takajima and his girlfriend Kagami Ochiai have not been seen by Crimsonites since they disappeared in December 2007. A lot of Ochiai's family members have also not been seen by Team Crimson during that time as well, presumably accompanying Driller.

Yesterday morning, at 2:46 AM EMDT, Jack Fuchs as well as his father Fred Fuchs and his Crimsonite army attacked Minecraftia University, killing more than twenty students, staff, and ministry officials and injuring dozens more. Two of those caught in the attack were Kensuke and Toru Ochiai, two of Kagami's cousins. Both Takajima and Ochiai were awoken to a distress call from Ochiai's cousins as a result.

In Hearthcliffe's trial last year, Hideo Ochiai, Kagami's father, stated that both Takajima and Ochiai had built powerful spell cards to repel Crimsonites, which eventually led to Team Crimson's downfall. Asides from this, Takajima also learned some smart computer hacking skills to find information about the group and their records.

Team Crimson claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks for over a decade, starting in 1997 with their raids on online games before Team Crimson evolved into a terrorist group in 2000 after the killing of Hikari Uchida by Hearthcliffe at the now-defunct Emenbee Elementary and Junior High School. Until their fall and defeat, they also killed other students and people all around the country.

From Minecraftia High School, eyewitnesses and spectators, as well as parents and siblings of students participating in the battle were praying for them to win. The two Ochiai cousins, Kensuke and Toru Ochiai, mentioned above went away uninjured. Several students of the soon-to-graduate fourth-year students jumped in the battle after launching on a surprise attack on the Crimsonites. With just enough effort, Takajima defeated both Jack and Fred Fuchs after destroying all of their horcruxes, an object that conceals part of a driller's soul in order to obtain immortality. During one final blow, Driller's Thunder Sign "Suspect Seekie" spell card caused Hearthcliffe's infamous Painless Death "Killing Curse" to backfire and hit him, ending his terror once and for all.