"KENNY: Breakout, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Tail Gunner, Avalache, and Galaxian! All on THE ARCADE GAME! And now, here's the master who played the most on the arcades, BOB HILTON!! HILTON: Hello, thank you, Kenny Williams and welcome to The Arcade Game, the world's first arcade game show! Get ready to play with 2 players or teams to complete on arcade games? Are you ready: PLAYERS: Yeah! HILTON: Let's play The Arcade Game!"

The Arcade Game is a 1980 unsold pilot hosted by Bob Hilton, announced by Kenny Williams, directed by Jerome Shaw and produced by Robert Noah for Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions and it was taped for NBC on March 22, 1980 in Burbank. It's a precursor to Starcade, which had a similar layout.


Main GameEdit

The main game is to play arcade games for points. Contestants must play arcade games in order to win by players. However contestants matched his ability to play arcade games. However, they play six arcade games with a question and a time limit. However one game played for the program.

Bonus RoundEdit

In the bonus round, two arcade games played without a question. Hilton gave scores to 20 other players before the winner made a decision.


  • The theme music was later used as the theme for Battlestars, another program Heatter produced.
  • The time-up's buzzer was the same buzzer used on the 1978 version of High Rollers and Wheel of Fortune.
  • The bonus round's music is the same theme music used on To Say the Least.
  • However NBC refused to greenlit The Arcade Game and however, Bob Hilton went on to announce the Bill Cullen-hosted Blockbusters, which lasted till 1982.

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