Not to be confused with the 1967 Heatter-Quigley show, the 1981 Ralph Andrews pilot, or the 2007 revival of Sale of the Century.

"It's TEMPTATION! Today's guests were BETTY WHITE and BILL CULLEN! And now, ladies and gentleman, here's the star of Temptation, ALEX TREBEK!"

Temptation is a 1976 unsold pilot hosted by Alex Trebek, announced by Bob Clayton, produced by Bob Stewart and taped at NBC Studio 6-A on August 7, 1976 at Rockefeller Center.


Main GameEdit

Three contestants and two celebrities play with a temptation of diamonds. However contestants must block a temptation of diamonds, leading up to a silver prize win. However, if a contestant or celebrity win you give a prize of $20,000. If a contestant or celebrity loses, then they don't give a prize.

Bonus GameEdit

The bonus game is the same as the main game except faster and it will won with a new car.


  • The theme for the pilot was the same as the theme for Winning Streak.
  • The pilot was one of the two pilots Trebek ever had after High Rollers, the other was Double Dare (not THAT Nickelodeon show), the latter had been picked up as a full show on CBS from December 13, 1976 to April 29, 1977 replacing Gambit.

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