"They call themselves Team Crimson, they are hackers on drugs, treating the world like a real-life Touhou game - hijacking websites, invading Drillimation Online accounts, and disrupting our community! If you fight back, good luck, because they're heavily armed and extremely dangerous to your computer."
- Official descrption

Team Crimson, also known as Team Shinku (真紅団 Shinku-dan?, lit. Crimson Gang) is a black-hat computer hacking group based in Japan. It is controversial for many reasons, as they have been known for raiding online games for internet freedom, with their most common raids being on Drillimation Online games such as Mr. Driller Online and Driller Engine Grand Prix.


In the animeEdit

Team Crimson started appearing in the Drillimation games and anime since 1998.

Real LifeEdit

In 2000, a teenager started a real-life version of Team Crimson. He was a mega-fan of the fictional Team Crimson (who were his favourite Drillimation Series characters and his role model), and he even legally renamed himself "Hearthcliffe" after the leader of the fictional group.


The name Crimsonites, known as Shinku-jin (真紅人 Shinku-jin?, lit. Crimson Person) in Japan, is the name that members of Team Crimson are given.

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