"You've never seen what Minecraftia High School does on Tanabata. It's a time where students dress up in yukatas and jimbei and have all kinds of various drinks."
- Ryan Tenmetsu, to Driller

The Tanabata Festival (七夕祭り Tanabata Matsuri?) is a tradition held at Minecraftia High School on the seventh day in July at the end of Independence Week. It runs as a basic Japanese summer festival, but with the selling of custom drinks by students at lunch.

The school day runs like normal, but students have the option of wearing their yukatas and jimbei instead of the regular uniform. In addition, the school recommends female students to put their hair up when wearing a yukata, as that's a tradition that has been ongoing for centuries.


In the animeEdit

Chuhou ProjectEdit

In Driller's first year, he was supposedly ready for the Tanabata festival at Minecraftia High School. On that particular day, before the day started, Driller and a few other girls began discussing their yukatas, and they find out that Kagami is wearing hers with a kazari himo, a decorative feature of the yukata that is optional.

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