Tales of Drillimation (テイルズ・オブ・ドリメーション Teiruzu obu Dorimēshon?) is a series of role-playing games created as a spin off of Namco's Tales series, as well as The Drillimation Series. It is one of the only series of Tales games to be targeted for western audiences, despite many of the Tales games not being released outside of Japan and Drillimation needed to get the Tales series to a much wider audience.


The games are the standard role-playing games that borrow elements from the Pokémon and Final Fantasy series. Players engage in a series of battles where the main goal is to defeat the enemies and level up for bosses. If the player is having trouble trying to beat a boss, they have the ability to use a Mighty Gargantuar from the Plants vs. Zombies series of tower-defense games to skip an entire fight.

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