TWO2 (formerly as Ch 2 and Channel 2) is a second English public commercial-free television in Vicnora launched in 2nd February, 2016. It is an sister station of VTVEN. It serves as an entertainment to the mainstream channel program airs like international and El Kadsreian fiction series and movies (such as Netflix, BBC UK, El TV Kadsre, etc.), telenovelas, youth programs, documentary, cultural, educational, and news every weeknights. Nowadays, TWO2 is a that serves as an alternative to the mainstream channel. Similar to BBC Two UK, RTP2 Portugal, TVNZ 1 New Zealand, EYE TV2 North El Kadsre, El TV Kadsre 3, STN Two Sentan, Treet TV2 Mahri and 2k Mahri.

TWO2's line-up is devoted to worldwide recognized quality television content, institutional EK/national programming or advertising, television series, youth, education, culture, news, documentary, movies, sports and music.

It is owned by the El TV Kadsre Television Network.



Anime Edit

  • Sword Art Online II (2017-present)

Cartoons Edit

  • Family Guy (2017-present)
  • South Park (2016-present)
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2016-present)
  • Robot Chicken (2016-present)

See also Edit

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