TSUG (Theorysonic Ultra Graphical, often pronounced as tsoog), formerly known as TS-OS and TS-UGOS, is a series of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Theorysonic. It is suitable for home and business computers, also for gaming.


Pre-TSOS: 1965-1973Edit

The history of TSUG dates back to 1965.

TS-OS era: 1973-1983Edit

Theorysonic created their first operating system called TS-OS in 1973 after 8 years of development.

TS-OS color era: 1983-1985Edit

With the release of TS-OS 6, it added color support, desktop system, icons, and the LenseNet web browser.

TS-UGOS era: 1985-2017Edit

During CES 2016, Theorysonic revealed the new name for the next operating system be called TSUG.

TSUG era: 2017-presentEdit




The TSUG operating system has been met with generally positive reception because they know useful features including TS-Menu, web browser, taskbars, applications, gaming, tools, etc.

Despite TSUG's success, the operating system was also noted for its huge library of games, useful tools, and software. Despite ports of many popular arcade games, its popularity attracted some notable developers, such as Latikuu and Seymour Games and its parent company Drillimation Studios.

Usage shareEdit

TSUG is the most popular operating system in El Kadsre, Australia, Sentan, Vicnora, Japan, Philippines, Minecraftia, Simerica, YinYangia, Kensland, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

Version HistoryEdit

as TS-OSEdit

as TS-UGOSEdit

as TSUGEdit

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