The Start-of-Year Ceremony (儀式の始まり Gishiki no hajimari?) is a yearly ritual performed on the first Monday in April to mark the start of the new school year at Minecraftia High School. It is held in the gymnasium followed by the arrival of the first-year students. The ceremony is also known for separating all the students into their alignments.


In the animeEdit

Chuhou ProjectEdit

"Before we begin the school year, you will now be separated into alignments. The alignment you fall in varies based on your habits, traits, and most importantly, your interests."
- Ryan Tenmetsu, introducing the students into alignments

The ceremony has appeared in every season of the anime, starting with Driller's first year and his placement into Honoodan. There's the sorting girl, which places the students into their alignments. Her decision is final, and her decision is decided based on her knowledge and the knowledge of the person being sorted. When Driller was being sorted during his first year, she would have said he would have done well in Kazedan, but Driller asked her to place him elsewhere. Megumi Wakui would have considered being in Mizudan, because of her being really smart. Megumi also asked the sorting girl to place her into Kazedan, as she wouldn't have minded being in Mizudan.

Ceremony sequenceEdit

The ceremony is designed to introduce new members of the school to the student body and to pass out some very important announcements that will happen during the school year. These include certain events, rules, and regulations to keep everyone safe. After the announcements, the first-year students are put into their alignments. This is then followed by the school anthem, being Our Driller, performed before everyone is dismissed.

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