The Sprite (ハースクリッフのスプライト Hāsukuriffu no Supuraito?) was a Perler bead creation that Takumi Hearthcliffe transformed into a horcrux. It was the second horcrux he created, and was created from the murder of Junji Ebina in 2003. Driller later captured the sprite so he can make animations featuring his friends, but fell to Hearthcliffe's traps. He later destroyed it with a desoldering pump that Kagami had.



Hearthcliffe created a sprite for a beat 'em up game that he was making, and he wanted to copy-protect it so it cannot be copied. Later, when he found out about Hiroki's friend, Junji, was going to steal it and give it to Hiroki, he set out to his home. When he got there, he opened Junji's window and shot him in his sleep. He then used his soul to transform the sprite into his second horcrux.

Hearthcliffe's First YearEdit

Hearthcliffe enrolled at Minecraftia High School in April 2003, and he was put into Kazedan. He used the sprite in his projects that he did during his first year.

Hearthcliffe's Second Year and ExpulsionEdit

Before Driller's first year at Minecraftia High School, he wanted to make a series of animations featuring his friends, and he learned that this one kid had a sprite that he could use. He took the sprite and transmitted it into his computer at home and started the process. He also used the sprite in projects like Hearthcliffe did, but Tenmetsu confiscated the sprite from Driller, claiming that it was against school rules to recolor someone else's work. The outcome eventually made Driller attend a court hearing before it was retracted after the sprite was in the hands of Takumi Hearthcliffe.

Actually, Hearthcliffe's terror on the school began after realizing that Driller had stolen one of his horcruxes, being the sprite. He teamed up with Joey Belmont to defeat Driller. His attacks were so intense that Minecraftia High School expelled him. His expulsion sought a raid on the school with the First Battle of Minecraftia taking place. Driller's victory caused him to destroy Hearthcliffe's first horcrux, being the knife.


During the second term of Driller's second year, he wanted to make a new sprite similar to the old one, but it wasn't until he learned from Kagami that the sprite was a horcrux as well. Unaware that Perler beads are soldered on, he used a desoldering pump from Kagami to disassemble the sprite completely.