"From the Stardust resort in Las Vegas, today's contestants were (insert challengers and champions, occupations & hometowns) and you can win with a cash of $10,000 with a brand new Chevrolet car with (insert model name)! These three contestants will won today as we start out in a SPLIT SECOND!!!!!!!! And now, here's the host, the star of the show, MR. STEVE EDWARDS!"

Split Second is a 1980 unsold pilot hosted by Steve Edwards, announced by Kenny Williams, produced by Robert Noah for Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions and it was taped for syndication on October 8, 1980, at the Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It was described as a cross between Split Second, To Say the Least, and Pyramid and fans refer the pilot as "Split Pyramid".


Main Game

The main game was identical to the 1970s ABC version, except when a contestant answered some money, he/she won some money.

Players Correct Payoff
Round One Round Two
3 $75 $100
2 $45 $50
1 $15 $20

The final round, Countdown Round is identical to the 1970s ABC version, but a contestant won to avoid a buzzer, they guessed and they give a high score of 7.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is the Car game, which is totally identical to the 1970s ABC version, and the winner of the champion goes to Chevrolet and it won over $25,000 dollars in cash and they have a new car.


  • The pilot was made when Hatos-Hall leased the rights to game show properties to Catalena Productions (for Let's Make a Deal) and Heatter-Quigley, Inc. (for Split Second). However for LMAD, the Hatos-Hall logo is present, but for Split Second, the Hatos-Hall logo is not shown.
  • This is Steve Edwards' third pilot, the first two were the Bob Stewart-produced Get Rich Quick! in 1977 and the Jay Wolpert-produced Pandemonium! in 1979 and the fourth to do was the pilot for the syndicated version of Scrabble in 1990.
  • They used the rules of the 1970s ABC version.
  • One of the music cues were recycled from the 1978-80 run of High Rollers.