"Today, (insert contestants' names) and you can over win over $25,000. Come on down and play SHUFFLE! And now, here is the star of SHUFFLE, DICK CLARK!"

Shuffle is a 1988 unsold pilot hosted by Dick Clark, fresh off from The $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid, announced by Rod Roddy, produced by Hiller & Company and it was taped for CBS on December 25, 1988 at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California and planned as a replacement for Card Sharks along with Winfall but lost out to the Chuck Henry-hosted revival Now You See It. The concept of a Shuffle game show later came to reality in 1994 as Shuffle: The Interactive Game.


Three contestants can win over cash and prizes with $25,000.

Main GameEdit

The game is to rearrange letters to make a word in the proper order and then a contestant has won with $25,000. The game is played in three rounds.

Bonus GameEdit

The bonus game is simply a faster version of the main game, except it had a 45-second time limit.


  • The main theme was later used in a truncated form as the theme for the pricing game on The Price is Right, "Gallery Game" which lasted between 1990 and 1991.
  • After this Shuffle pilot, Rod Roddy will go on to do more shows of The Price is Right until 2003. However, Dick Clark later went on to host The Challengers.
  • Rod Roddy appears on camera when Dick Clark is introducing the next round, just like on The Price is Right when the next contestant is to come on down.
  • On the opening spiel, it has a reference to The Price is Right in them, which was "Come on down!".
  • At the closing, Rod Roddy signed off with "This is Rod Roddy for Shuffle, a Hillier & Company Production!"