Shoot 'n Boom, known in Japan as Explosive Creeper Egg (爆発クリーパー卵 Bakuhatsu Kurīpā Tamago?) is a 2-vs.-2 minigame featured in Creation Universe Millenium. The name is likely based on the gun store Shoot-n-Back Firearms.


The camera is seen panning through a jungle as both shooters shoot a creeper egg at the top of the screen, scaring the other person on their team.


The game is played similar to the Driller Engine game Dynomite!, but with a few twists. Players take turns shooting eggs to match three eggs of the same color. If the player is lucky, they can shoot a creeper egg, which can blow up eggs in a circular range. Players must score the most points within the time limit to win the minigame. The game ends when the time limit runs out or if an egg crosses one of the teams' critical lines.


  • Control Stick: Aim
  • A Button: Fire
  • B Button: Reserve an egg

In-game TextEdit

  • Instructions: One player shoots an egg while taking turns with the other player. Link three eggs of the same color to make them disappear. The first team to get the most points within the time limit wins.
  • Advice: Try aiming for the top to score big points. However, if one egg crosses the critical line, you'll lose the minigame.


If the time limit runs out, all of the eggs explode and the team who won strikes their victory poses. However, if an egg crossed the critical line, the team that had this will have both players falling over while showing a dizziness symbol.

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