Shinkitajima (新北島 Shinkitajima?) (pronounced Sin-kee-tah-geh-mah), fully known as the Commonwealth of Shinkitajima, is a country, located in Oceania, on the eastern side of Australia.


Colonization (circa 15th century to 1868)Edit

Breaking into two countries (1868-1902)Edit

Reunification and as an Italian colony (1902-1921)Edit

Independence and Japanese invasion (1921-1957)Edit

Liberty (1957-1960)Edit

As a Commonwealth Republic (1960-present)Edit


Shinkitajima has 6 banks in operation: Bank of Shinkitajima (the central bank), United Credit Bank, Mitsubush-UFJ Shinkitajima Bank, Shinkitajima Trust Bank, HBank and Cooperative Bank of Shinkitajima.


The Shinkitains speak Japanese and Chinese mostly, but some Shinkitains speak Korean or Italian due to the country was an Italian colony.


Shinkitajima has the broadcasting since 1935. The Country's Television networks are:

  • STR (the state-run television broadcaster)
  • CBSJ (the first commercial television broadcaster)
  • IBT (independent television broadcaster)
  • 6TV
  • 8N

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