The Shinkish Television and Radio (STR) is Shinkish state-run television radio broadcaster. STR was formed in 1975 with Shinkitajima National Television (SNT) and Radio Shinkitajima (RS).


STR was founded as 1935 as Radio Shinkitajima (RS) (Japanese: ラジオ新北島). Its television division Shinkitajima National Television (SNT) was founded in 1964.

In 1972, SNT was started to broadcast in color, on a month later of CBSJ and IBT.



  • STR1 - general entertainment channel with news, dramas, sports, and kids programming.
  • STR2 - leisure entertainment, educational and lifestyle channel
  • STR3 - youth-oriented channel
  • STR Sports - sports channel
  • STR 24 - a 24-hour news, weather, and business channel
  • STR J - kids channel


  • RS1 - the first station of RS with news, entertainment.
  • RS2 - sports radio.
  • RS3 - music, drama radio
  • RS4 - a retro-themed radio station that with classical music, movies and shows.