See You In The Next Life (次の人生で会いましょう Tsugi no jinsei de aimashō?) is a Japanese anime film directed by Dan Wicker and produced by Denime. It's based on a screenplay by Jamie Shertick, with minor contributions by his friends. It's distributed by Toho in Japan, CJ Entertainment in South Korea, Mirum Pictures in the USA and the UK, and Buena Vista International in rest of the countries.


A hard worker and a creative painter, Hideo Satoshi, is a normal negen (a portmanteau of neko and ningen), living in a near-future utopian Tokyo. One day, when he gets pressured to party with his mean-spirited bullying "friends", the world starts to end. Hideo and friends have only 88 hours left to say goodbye and finish everything.

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