Radio in El Kadsre started in 1918.


List of radio stationsEdit

El TV Kadsre Radio Network Edit

  • Radio 21
  • Radio 22
  • Radio Classical
  • Radio Italo
  • Triple J

Radio Network United El Kadsreian Nations Edit

  • Self Radio
  • Hits FM
  • YO!
  • EKRock
  • Smooth FM
  • Radio 23 (co-owned by El TV Kadsre Radio Network)
  • Salsa FM
  • Japan FM

CPNRadio Edit

  • The Rapture
  • Tracks FM
  • Hop FM
  • Rockstar Radio
  • The Life
  • Newstalk AB

Low-power FM Edit

  • Gorean Whip Radio (Eirabourne)
  • ENT Radio (Glonisla)
  • East FM (East El Kadsre)
  • EveryFree Radio (Capulco)

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