"Today's players are (insert contestants) on the Green Team, and (insert contestants) on the Yellow Team. It's television's newest game show full of fun of trivia on QUIZATION! And now, here is the star of the show, JIM PECK!"

Quization was the very first pilot/attempt of Trivia Trap, hosted by Jim Peck, announced by Gene Wood, produced by Mark Goodson Productions, and it was taped for ABC at the Television Center on July 10, 1983.

Main Game

The main game was identical to the pilot of Trivia Trap, but there were differences:

  • The Juniors were named "Green Team" and it is colored green instead of blue.
  • The Seniors were named "Yellow Team" and it is colored yellow instead of red.
  • There are five answers in each row, instead of four.
  • There are three rows, instead of two rows.
  • If a wrong answer is picked, the black Donut's background color is red.
  • If a correct answer is picked, the Family Feud strike indicator is shown from the 1976-85 Dawson era, over a black screen instead of the circle with the "X".
  • The team received $10 for each wrong answer instead of $50, but for eliminating all three, the value was $100 instead of $300.
  • After one team played their question, two new rows replaced the one used, and the second team chose which row to play.
  • Each team played two questions for a possible total of $300 rather than $600.
  • Jim Peck was the host instead of Bob Eubanks.
  • The answers appear in a blue background instead of a green background.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is identical to the bonus round of the pilot of Trivia Trap, except there were a few differences:

  • The ladder is red.
  • The incorrect answer the contestant guessed is $500.
  • The answers appear on a yellow background with black text instead of a red background with white text.


  • The theme music is the same theme was heard on Mindreaders and the 1980 pilot Puzzlers.
  • The sounds are the same ones used on the 1976-85 version of Family Feud.
  • This is Jim Peck and Gene Wood's first collaboration, the second and third collaborations were the 1985 pilots that were taped months farther apart, The Buck Stops Here and Blockbusters, a revival of the early 80s NBC show, which the format eventually made into the 1987 Bill Rafferty version.
  • Quization was pitched as a replacement for reruns of Too Close for Comfort: according to host Jim Peck, following the taping Jackie Smith (ABC's vice president of daytime television) congratulated him and producer Jonathan Goodson for, by all indication, getting another show on the air. On September 16, 1983, ABC opted to go with Benson repeats instead.