The United El Kadsreian Nations' geography is divided into zones and administrative divisions known as provinces. Over the years, the UEKN's provinces were changed. When the Kadsreius Sentanese Republic, took over the two islands of Sentan and becoming the Republic of El Kadsre in 1950, it was divided into 28 provinces.

Location of provinces Edit

United El Kadsreian Nations Provinces

El Kadsre Edit

  • El Kadsre City
  • Glonisla
  • Eirabourne
  • Capulco
  • Romrac
  • New Sentan
  • Euckland
  • Strangetown
  • Royal Woods

Sentan Edit

  • Gokuto
  • Kokoni
  • Fusa
  • Phoenix Drop

Mahri Edit

  • Abeta
  • Welingdon
  • Rockville

North El Kadsre Edit

  • Makohiro
  • Taga

Vicnora Edit

  • Northwest Tugaganda
  • Southwest Tugaganda
  • North Tugaganda
  • South Tugaganda
  • East Tugaganda
  • Vicnoran Tribal Zone

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