The thirty provinces of Minecraftia make up the responsibility for delivery of sub-national governance. When Minecraftia was formed in 1809, three provinces, Minecraftia, Gatashima, and Pohatosin. Over Minecraftia's history, the borders changed, with the number of provinces tenfolding over the 19th century and early 20th century. Several of these provinces were former Japanese and Swedish colonies. For example, New Saitama was a former Japanese colony, while Serento was a former Swedish colony.


Province Capital Confederated
Minecraftia Minecraftia City May 17, 1809
Gatashima Lucky Lagoon May 17, 1809
Pohatosin Kinmyou May 17, 1809
New Saitama Coronary Falls 1813
Kyoushin Dockery Bay 1858

Area/Population rankEdit

Rank (area) Rank (population) Name Total area Land area % of land Water area % of water Population
1 Minecraftia 4.6 million
2 Kyoushin 3.4 million
1 3 Kabayashi 2.6 million

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