The Prom of Minecraftia High School (マインクラフト国高校のプロム Mainkurafuto-koku Kōkō no Puromu?) is a tradition of Minecraftia High School held annually at Minecraftia University. It is a formal dance to celebrate the ending of the school year. Students from any year, as well as alumni and siblings of Minecraftia students, are freely invited to the party. The event begins at 8:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm, where they announce the winners who signed up for court usually done in a coronation style.


In the animeEdit

Chuhou ProjectEdit

Driller's first yearEdit
"Kagami, will you take me to prom?"
- Driller, to Kagami

During a visit to Creation Universe Tokyo in Japan, Driller and Kagami went on a trip to Creation Universe for the Minecraftia Performing Arts Department, where she was nicknamed "The Idolmaster" behind her performance there, thus being a reference to the Namco franchise of the same name. Just before they left, Driller held up his Nintendo DS to Kagami with a message while reading the mentioned quote.

"I can't believe this; both my daughters are attending a ball for the first time!"
- Kisumi Ochiai, to Hideo

Before the event, Driller wanted Kagami to be the most beautiful girl at the party, and Driller wanted the same with Yumi. Funding a huge Kickstarter campaign, he gets money from almost everyone at Minecraftia High School to do this. Using all that money Driller gets, he gets a few fourth-year students to order fabrics from Amazon to complete the task. With it, they craft a few coats and mechs to have them resemble outfits worn by women in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. Sure enough, it was successful and was used on the gown of Kagami. Because Yumi was unable to have a gown for the party, Driller had the team do the same thing.

"I can't resist falling in love with you! Please, marry me!"
- Driller, to Kagami

On the night of the party, Driller, along with Kagami, as well as Hiroki and Yumi, attended. It was really that time when Driller had confessed his love to Kagami and has hopes to marry her in the future. When Kagami asked Driller to come with her to the gardens, it was around that time she was ready to enter another world. Using all of the love Kagami got from Driller, they had their first kiss.

Wedding of Susumu Takajima and Kagami OchiaiEdit

Driller and Kagami had their wedding at the prom event in 2013. Minecraftia University had five months of preparation for this massive event since Driller had Kagami engaged at the homecoming event in October 2012. Instead of giving them rings, the monarch instead did the same thing when they coronate the winners at prom.

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