Power TheoryDesk is a line of Intel-based workstation-class personal computers manufactured by Theorysonic. It was succeeded by TheoryDesk Pro.

History Edit

Power TheoryDesk was first released in 1988 and bundles with Theorynet service.

Updates Edit

Hardware Edit

Software Edit

The Power TheoryDesk runs TSUG. The latest version is TSUG X7.

Reception Edit

Power TheoryDesk was received from mixed to positive reviews from critics. At launch in 1988, Power TheoryDesk was criticized for its high price of $5,000 ($15,336.01 in 2016 dollars) while TheoryDesk at the time only cost $750 ($1,643.14 in 2016 dollars). When Power TheoryDesk UG 3 was launched, its price rapidly lowered down to $2,000.

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