Portosic Touch is a PTSUG-based all-purpose handheld PC with touchscreen device created and marketed by Theorysonic. It can be used as a music and video player, digital camera, handheld game device, and personal digital assistant (PDA). It connects to the Internet only through Wi-Fi base stations, does not use cellular network data, and is therefore not a smartphone, though it has a similar design to the TheoryPhone.



The Portosic Touch runs PTSUG and includes bundled software to browse the Internet, view maps, send and receive email, view media, and work with office documents such as presentations and spreadsheets. Users type on a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen. It operates an online store, allowing users to buy and directly download music, videos and third-party software. From launch, the Portosic Touch was described by journalists as a 'TheoryPhone without the phone', and each Portosic Touch model to date has been introduced with the same release number of PTSUG as the contemporary TheoryPhone model. The latest version, PTSUG X7 released in 2017.


As of 2015, there are five types of produced Portosic Touch devices.

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