PlayBox is a series of handheld video game consoles and portable media players made by Smiks Inc and Terbit.



Released in 1994.

PlayBox IIEdit

Released in March 1997.

PlayBox 3Edit

Released in September 2001. It features 32-bit color screen. This device was commercially successful, selling devices at 20 million copies. This is the first PlayBox device to sell over a more million copies.

PlayBox 4Edit

Released in June 2004. ROM cartridges are 32MB-512MB.

PlayBox 5Edit

Released in November 2007. It features a touchscreen with stylus, improved performance, improved multimedia support. ROM cartridges are 64MB-1GB. This device is sold 25 million copies.

PlayBox 6Edit

PlayBox 6 Tablet

Released in April 2011. It features HD graphics, 5.0" inch screen, and larger resolution. ROM cartridges are 512MB-8GB. This device is sold 23 million copies.

PlayBox TabletEdit

Released in January 2013.

PlayBox 7Edit

PlayBox 7

Released in March 2016. It features 7.0" inch AMOLED. It supports both PlayBox and Android games.

List of games Edit

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