Piramca (Japanese: はるかに叔父 Haruka ni oji), officially known as the State of Piramca, is a country located in North America.

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The population of the country has 36,489,119 (2018 estimate).

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Piramca has 4 seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

  • Summer (1st July-15th October)
  • Fall (16th October-29th November)
  • Winter (1st December-13th March)
  • Spring (14th March-31st May)

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  • Piramca's currency is dollars.
  • Piramca's current population is about 38.2 million people.
  • The life expectancy is 98.7 Piramca for both men and women.
  • Piramca has nine official languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Ikenian and Japanese.
  • Piramca has three regional languages: Chinese, Rieken, and Korean.

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  • The school week is from Monday to Friday.
  • Piramcaian Public High School, located in Titialeo in Piramca City, is the tallest school in the fictional world because it has 150 floors.
  • The school time is 8:00am-3:20pm while the average is 8:30am-3:35pm.
  • Piramca has 40 schools around the cities.
  • The schools months are from August to May.

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The national sports are Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball.

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  • Piramca's car drives on the right, similar to Canada, Europe, Mahri, North El Kadsre, Sentan, South Korea, United States and Vicnora.
  • Piramca's standard plug socket is Type I, similar to Australia, El Kadsre, New Zealand, Mahri, Sentan, Vicnora, North El Kadsre, Argentina and Papua New Guinea.
  • Piramca uses NTSC display format for television, movies, video games and computers, similar to Canada, Japan, South Korea and United States etc.
  • Piramca has country-owned car companies, Eneger.
  • Cellphones are widely popular in Piramca since the release of Lasernology's LaserPhone, released in 1996.

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